Help finding 50 year old book..remember cover slightly


Aug 10, 2022
I am hoping for a needle in a haystack to if anyone would have any idea of the title to this book....all I can remember is of the cover was of a couple small single seat space craft which ( see attachment) looked like 3 spheres connected by a rod...picture say a beach ball connected to two basket balls the smaller ( basket ball ) sized spheres jutting out like wings from the larger sphere which had a transparent dome ...showing at least one guy sitting in it....anyone got an idea....Thanks
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Like others I'm sure, I tried; I really tried.

It seems so classic and would be interesting to find.
Well thanks for your efforts...I remember reading it as a kid but sci fi was just opening up for me ...I would sure like to revisit it now....don't know why this desire to read one of my first novels???.... but again thanks for trying
You don't remember anything of the story?
Was it an adult book, or aimed at a younger audience? YA or preteen perhaps?
Can you remember any of the colours? Was the picture glossy or matt?
Was it a stand alone book or part of a series?

For no reason, I'm thinking of Azimov books aimed at a young audience. A David Starr, Space Ranger type series.
I think I remember the cover. Did it by chance talk about the ship being powered by anti-gravity? The book I remember also had a human ship powered by anti-gravity that was teardrop shaped to make the most of both the pull of gravity from the objective and the push of anti-gravity to leave a gravity well.
Sorry for the useless help I can provide on this....just was hoping someone would remember the cover and thus maybe could point me in the correct direction. The only things I can also add is I believe it was for adult...I say this only because I think I was like 8 years old at the ti.e and it was above me then....I only remember it was a hard cover book maybe inch ..inch and a half thick with one or maybe two of these craft flying against the backdrop of space.....sorry I cannot remember anything more and it's not that big a deal....just have always remembered it as my first attempt at sci fi...never read it and always thought it would be fun to reread it now ....At any rate Farntfar..I looked for quite a while at old Azimof titles and came away empty...I'll look for this space rangers lead later....but I'm kinda thinking it was late teen / adult title...cannot say if it was stand alone or a series....sorry....But like I've said unless my description means anything and with so few clues to go on ...don't put a lot into it....guess I'm hoping someone out there remembers it too....thanks
Did you try searching for something like "science fiction novel cover spherical spaceships" in Google, then switching to the images tab?
Your outline drawing makes me think I've seen this cover before. I want to say that the "beach ball" parts and the bottom of the main pod are red, and that the connecting bars are silver. I also want to say that the pilot can be clearly seen through the transparent top half of the main pod, that he's wearing either blue or grey coveralls, and that he's facing toward the top right of the cover, standing or sitting at a semi-circular control panel with lots of colored bits (buttons, indicators, gauges, etc.).

Does any of that seem right?

I searched as best I could. Found two that are vaguely similar. Second ones in the smaller images - war of the Satellites..

Cheers, Greg


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Spot on I think...everything you say sounds right....however I recall the ship as it were as all silver except the transparent dome....However your memory could be better then mine....that was a lot of brain cells at least I'm not the only one remembering this obscure
Hi Psychotick...and a big thank you for your efforts...but no these were not the droids I was looking
Otistdog describes the cover much better then I could and if memory serves me correctly...he is darn near spot on....Thanks again one and all for your efforts...I do truly appreciate it...Ed
Your image reminded me somewhat of a Destinies cover. 43 years old
Memory is a tricky ba***** sometimes :unsure:
Astro Pen again I will shout out a big thanks but this cover is also a negative....though my memory is not ideal of this book cover I stand with my hand scribbled picture of the craft on the cover....and Otistdog 's written description of it....again Thank You for your effort..Ed ...yep I am sure...though your cover does have people visible under a transparent dome...this is not it I regret to say.
Juist looking at some Lensman covers while replying to some questions in that thread.
I noticed 3 book covers which almost fit your descriptions.



It's a long shot, but it might just work.

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