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Dec 27, 2020
The Sci Fi series of books starts out with an old man (80) looking at house property with his fat wife. When looking in the basement he hears a horn blast and portal opens up and the old man sees a jungle with a man holding a horn. The man throws the horn and hits the old man in the shins and the portal closes. He takes the horn home. He then wants to see the jungle and the man again, so he breaks into house that was for sale, while trying to blow the correct note he hears the police upstairs. When the police state coming down the stairs, he finally blows the correct note, the ports opens, and he jumps through.
He is on a world that is not round, but four large tiers, one high than the next. Each level more advance than the other and at the top tier is the person who runs and created this world.
The bad guys do find him at the bottom tier, and they bring him down through the caves, put a noose around his neck and throw him off the bottom tier into nothing. But this does not kill him because gravity beyond the bottom is week. A friend he met when he arrives help to pull him up and free him.
Also, he is getting younger and his hair starts to grow back.
He does meet a lady and she decide to go with him to the top. It takes 30 or 45 days to climb up to the next tier
Through the tiers he finds the grate plains bigger than the Midwest. A mountain of Jade carved into a large castle. Vikings with dies red beards. The only way to get a red beard is kill someone in combat. Giant birds that take orders from a half human and half bird lady. The person at the top punished her for something and is now a very angry at the person at the top.
When he does reach the top for the assault with his friends, the man who threw the horn at him takes him aside and tells him something. He comes out of the meeting and start telling people what kinds of defenses there are. He tells his monkey friends the best way to defect the robots is by twisting their heads off.
Yes, as it turns out he was the creator of this world and someone usurped him, affected his mind and threw him onto the Earth. This was book one.
We find out other interesting items through out the series. Like there are others like him and they may all be family or at least from the same place. There is infighting between them.
So, I would like the name of the boos, the series and the author who wrote these stories.
John O’Brien
This sounds like the World of Tiers series by Philip Jose Farmer. Lots of information here:

Information on the first book in the series sounds exactly like what you describe,

The story follows Robert Wolff, a man disenchanted with his life and his marriage. One day, while looking at a new house, Wolff discovers a strange horn in the basement. Blowing the horn, Wolff is transported to a strange new world, the World of Tiers. Wolff finds himself initially in an edenic paradise known as Okeanos. This region is the first level of the planet, which contains a number of tiers like a wedding cake, separated by vast mountain ranges.
Thank you Victoria Silverwolf and Vince W. I have been trying to remember the name and author for so long. Thank you very Much. CJ-John
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