(Found) Help Finding Fantasy Book about Barriers and Stuff


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Oct 10, 2013
Essex, UK
Hi, all.

I've been trying to find a fantasy book I used to own when I was about 13yo. I only read about a third of it, alas and I really want to finish it.

From what I can remember, it starts with something like, "leather was awful to wear when it rained", or something like that. It starts with a female protagonist, who wears a leather mask, and she is walking alongside a talking dragon.

The world they live in has multiple races on it, but they're separated from each other by magical barriers and only certain people can cross the barriers.

The cover was a bit like a Renascence Painting. I think there was a woman starting by a lake. I think it's Book 1 of 3.

Any ideas? :giggle:
If you let us know in which year you were about 13, it will help narrow down the search. Also, was the book old or recent at the time of reading?

Seems like this might be The Heart of Myrial by Maggie Furey.

"divided into isolated regions by sorcerous barriers of force"

Cover as described, dragon character mentioned in blurbs.

Google search terms: fantasy "novel" "dragon" races separated by "barriers"
That is *exactly* the book!!


Cheers very muchly.

Really appreciate that. Thank you.

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