(Found) Book read about 6 years ago, need help finding title


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May 4, 2020
warning: spoilers
Hi!! I’m looking to remember the title of a book I read a while ago!! It’s a YA Dystopian Novel. It starts with a girl on an airplane, the girl next to our main character is a bald cheerleader (who takes pride in that) Our main character’s dad tells her the coordinates or place where a secret fallout shelter is (a disease has broken out) so she goes to the bunker with her new cheerleader friend and along the way they find a man in the mountains. They get in the bunker, our main character writes a journal of her “past life”- the main character falls in love with the boy they find. The cheerleader dies because the shelter has TONS of nuclear waste that slowly kills them. The boy kills himself in the shelter. That’s all I can remember but all of my google searches haven’t come up with the book!! Please help!!
Some themes: Love, Nuclear Fallout/Deadly Disease
@kathibdon You are welcome. I have a nephew and a niece approaching the YA reading level. Would you recommend Half Lives? If so, why?