(Found) Help Finding post-Apocalypse YA Book, "Stans"


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Nov 18, 2021
The protagonist in this book thought that he was a teenager living in the US in the 1950s. Gradually, he learns that he is the last genetically-distinct American (clones maybe?) and that the world is a post-apocalyptic blending of all races called Standard or "Stans."

The kid's "home" is just a Truman-Show facade, because the powers-that-be want him to grow to adulthood THINKING that he is an American, of the American Golden Age. Everyone in his world is a Stan, made to look like a 1050s American WASP. Even his "dog" is not a dog, but rather an near-sapient alien modified to LOOK like a dog. He can climb trees. The world leadership think that they can learn things from an American that can somehow save their civilization or something.

He eventually meets other teens, being raised in other Truman-Show facades of THEIR ethnic heritage. I think one was an African girl thinking that she is living in one of the West African kingdoms in the 1500s or so, and I think one was a Chinese boy supposedly living in one of the early Dynastic periods.

The kids decide that they must be on another planet and must get back "home." They somehow get their hands on a spaceship and tell it to take them to Earth. It just takes them to another spot on the SAME planet, which IS our Earth.

Sound familiar?
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Sep 10, 2018
Probably Race Against Time by Piers Anthony. Haven't read this myself but it's come up a couple of times in the past here in Book Search.

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