DISCUSSION THREAD -- April 2021 300 Word Writing Challenge (#41)

Thanks for the shortlisting nixie. (y)

Loads of great entries this month.

Luiglin, sule, Phyrebat, therapist and M. Robert Gibson made my shortlistings.

Votes go to

Perpetual Man for a brilliantly written entry full of vivd imagery.

Starbeast for the only persona capable of getting Inspector Clouseau and Batman into the same story. Very funny.

Ursa Major for a humorously fictitious tale but one which also has a basis in an all too possible reality.
This was a particularly tricky one for me to judge for reasons some of you know ;)

Votes to:
@Perpetual Man Because he totally gets it
@Victoria Silverwolf because the question of unseeable colours is a really interesting one philosphically (youtube "enchroma reaction"* to see colour blind people seeing colour for the first time.
@Jo Zebedee a classic tail twist well constructed

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This was a marvelously hard challenge to judge. The picture led us further afield from a consistent theme than usual. And therefore such varied stories. Anyway here's my evaluation.

Short listed:
by @Astro Pen for a satisfying theological rumination.
The Travels of Sir Reginald Rigmarole, Part 94! by @Dan Jones for James Bondish double entendre.
There is a damp patch on my wall by @Luiglin for a creepy story which sounds like a lead in for something Edgar Allan Poe might write.
writing on glass by @Daysman for what I see as a clever parable.
Cassie by @Wayne Mack for dealing with the limits and the dangers of actually being able to see the future.
The Splotch by @Starbeast for an homage to memorable (if not always great) movies.
Culture Shock by @Elckerlyc for a serious consideration of the value of art and uniqueness.
Blood by @The Judge for a Fantasy story that reeks of potential.

There's very little to separate the stories for me. In the end I voted for Blue, Cassie, and Blood. ----- Hm, that sounds like part of a great opening sentence. "To his horror he looked down and saw blue cassie blood."
As tempting as it was to refrain from a short list, given the immense collective quality on show making it almost cruel to leave anyone out, it would have been remiss of me not to mention @Rafellin, @Victoria Silverwolf, @Peter V, @sule, @Parson, @M. Robert Gibson, @Elckerlyc, @farntfar, @The Judge, @Bren G, and @Ursa major for excellent entries that struck a certain chord with me.

My three votes, however, went to:
  • @Perpetual Man - For a glorious meditation on art, imagination, and the eye of the beholder.
  • @Astro Pen - For a wonderfully cerebral and poetic sci-fi tale.
  • @Luiglin - For turning the mundanity of a man contemplating mould into a piece of vivid, unspokenly emotive art. Remarkable.
And thanks so much to @Luiglin and @sule for the votes.
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@Perpetual Man - A Challenge Answers; A Challenge Made
@BT Jones - An End to End - Vote*
@Luiglin - There is a damp patch on my wall - Vote*
@Victoria Silverwolf - Chiaroscuro
@The Judge - Blood
@Bren G - Of Soap and Solitude - Vote*

Tough, tough, tough! The 6 stories above were hard to separate, really enjoyed the variety in prose that came with this challenge.
Thank you G.T. So happy for your vote. Much appreciated!
This time it was especially difficult to pick my favorites. Every story was truly unique and memorable. However, I somehow managed to come up with a Long List, Short List, and *** Favorites ***:

Forge – Rafellin
An End to End - BT Jones
There is a Damp Patch on My Wall – Luiglin

A Hollywood Ending - paranoid marvin
*** Chiaroscuro - Victoria Silverwolf ***
Writing on Glass – Daysman
Three Months - Peter V
Brief Dispatch Regarding the Viscid Border (2nd Edition) – sule
Cassie - Wayne Mack
The Soul of an Artist - Laura R Hepworth
*** The Painter of Souls – Guttersnipe ***
Kolebaniya – Sinergio
Professional Interest – mosaix
*** Of Soap and Solitude - Bren G ***

The Final Ingredient – Marvin
Well, that wasn't easy. All right, a short list with: Cat's Cradle, mosaix, Parson, Perer V, Rafaellin .and Ursa, not that there weren't plenty of other potentials.

Sorry I didn't get anything that worked, this time - I wrote, cut to size and retailored two completely different ideas this time, and neither was good enough to submit.
Top 5:

@Ian Fortytwo - what went wrong indeed

** @Luiglin ** - exquisite madness

@Victoria Silverwolf - so many things surround us that we cannot “see”

@Parson - many a prank to be pulled on the new-hire

** @mosaix ** - it’s hard to trust others with important tasks

** @Bren G ** - the single minded? purpose of the machine