DISCUSSION THREAD -- April 2021 300 Word Writing Challenge (#41)

Congratulations @Luiglin a run away victory.


My own story far exceeded my expectations. I got six precious votes from nixie, chrispenycate, M. Robert Gibson, Laura R Hepworth, Bren G, and Edoc'sil. And several likes as well. Thanks for those!

The picture left me befuddled as to what to do. I couldn't see anything in it, and then I was reminded about of some of the early ultra sounds I've seen of what was supposed to be a baby. That got me thinking of sonar and a tech who seemed to understand what was not there for anyone else. It then just took a twist for the kind of hazing I've experienced in some stints as a factory worker. (Probably unusual for someone who spent an entire career as a Parson, but it's true for me.) As to the specificity in the story I did this to the picture.

swirl grid.jpg

Which let me call out features of the picture.
Congratulations to Luiglin! It was a great story, well done.

A huge thank you to Jo Zebedee, Victoria Silverwolf, Rafellin, and Dan Jones for voting for my story. I'm also humongously grateful to everyone who gave it a mention as well; it meant a lot.
Well done Sir @Luiglin! We're but humble patches on the wall in your presence!


Huge thanks to @Sinergio and @farntfar for voting my story and @Parson, @The Judge and @BT Jones for the mentions.
Mine was a bit of an unusual story-form, I suppose, which didn't speak to everyone. It was real fun writing though and the result not too bad for someone who was determined not to do challenges anymore ;):unsure:.
Also, I was asked permission for this little story to be included in an anthology of stories about aliens. Which is the stuff of dreams.
Well at this moment I'd like to thank my family for putting up with me, my imaginary agent for always being there and my keyboard, for without whom, I'd never be able to prove that the virtual pen is mightier than the virtual sword - it doesn't half come up sharp if you swing it right.

Joking apart, to top such a weird and wonderful anthology of tales is an unexpected treat. I got a 75 and now a 300, I can retire a happy man.

The image spoke to me of madness and I intend no pun. I enjoy Lovecraft and all those who followed in his frame like August Derleth et al. Their tales of things beyond ken and the ramifications on sanity are in my opinion far more horrifying than any slasher book or film.

The 300 also came at an ideal point. I'm the middle of writing a Lovecraftian role play game to run for a group of friends I've known and gamed with for over 30 years now. It takes something off-kilter these days to get them thinking and I've definitely got a few tricks up my writing sleeve - shhh, don't tell them but I've collected some sound effects to go with the descriptions ;)

Thanks to nixie, Perpetual Man, Starbeast, Phyrebrat, Abernovo, Jo Zebedee, Victoria Silverwolf, Rafellin, Peter V, Daysman, BT Jones, Bren G, Wayne Mack, JS Wiig, G.T., Lawrence Twiddy and reddishbird for the votes plus all the mentions (and reviews from Victoria Silverwolf and Parson).

And, remember. If you have a damp patch on your wall, get someone in to look at it - I've often found that builders have firm, almost concrete like, foundations in reality - apart from their quotes :D
Congratulations Luiglin! Great entry, brilliantly written, and well deserved. That Lovecraft thang sounds very cool, too.

@Parson and @Jo Zebedee get borderline illegal sexy dances as thank-yous for their shortlisting of this month's edition of Sir Reggie, but extra helpings of delicious, piping hot vaccinations go to @Cat's Cradle , @Starbeast and the great @Luiglin himself for the votes!
Congratulations @Luiglin
Not sure it is worth shouting that, since you are so far ahead of us you are over the horizon! :giggle:
Well done sir.
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Well done @Luiglin . We all know the horror of damp patches

and thanks to @Ursa major @Peter V and @Edoc'sil for the votes

My inspiration actually came from Peter V's comment early on in this thread
Maybe something along the lines if sentient vomit
so it's true that inspiration can come from anywhere ;)

Thanks for reading