I was going to try and wait till the 1st to post, but it's like my story has become a nagging conscience… it's constantly after me to change this and that… then change them back, and begin again. I couldn't take two more days of that, so...

I've enjoyed the stories posted so far, and good luck to those yet to enter. Anxious to see the 300 worder photo!!
So here it is April 1 and we have many stories to review. It looks like the early to post race is being run at full throttle.

@Guttersnipe .... On the Nature of Guilt .... A story which underlines media news message: "If it bleeds, it leads."

@AnRoinnUltra .... The inadvertent clumsiness of Leon Extrovert’s AI Process Parsemangle .... A story which points out the necessity of brevity and clarity.

@Victoria Silverwolf .... A Harmless Drudge .... A story which introduces us to something none of us need, a trash talking AI.

@THX1138 .... Lost in the Noise .... A story which can be seen as a parable of modern life.

@Cat's Cradle .... Voices Not Forgotten .... A story which opens a door, but should you walk through it or not?

@Astro Pen .... Voices Not Forgotten .... A story which reminds us that real life changes can be instigated by that which is not real.

@chrispenycate .... The Median bears a massage .... A poem which leads us on a slow paced horror.
@Troyzan787 .... Perspective .... A story which sneaks up on you and hits you with a surprising moral.

@BigJ .... The Origin of Species .... A story which uses media in a way unsuspected with a hook at the end of it.
@Culhwch .... Disengaged .... A story which carries a wallop because it seems so possible in the near future.
Just caught up with the entries. I have a clear favourite at the moment but I am sure that could change. I feel bad about not voting for last months but did not get time to even read them - hence trying to keep up as they go this time. Belated congratulations to Victoria.