Discussion Thread - 300-word Writing Challenge #53 (April 2024)

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Aug 7, 2007
It's April 1st, so we have a new 300,000 Word Challenge!

April Fool!

We have a new 300 Word Challenge!

300 Word Writing Challenge -- #53 (APRIL 2024) -- READ FIRST POST!!

This quarter, we have an inspiration image from which to weave your stories, but if you are currently beweft bereft of one, no worries: as usual the thread is locked until the 10th, to give plenty of time for your... er... warped minds to come up with something and polish it. And for those of us who need more time than that, the challenge is open until the very end of the month.

As ever, this thread is open for comments, witticisms and just plain blether.

Good luck, everyone!
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I know it as a Navaho weaving loom, though many of the Southwest native tribes use the same or similar type. Some are standing (leaning framed) and others, like the one in this photo, are hanging looms (lashed off to a branch).
This one is a decretive model of one. There is also a spindle with red yarn (looks like a top, used to spin wool into yarn and for holding the yarn during weaving) and what also looks like a cradleboard, (to the left.)
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Oh, I see. The most obvious thing for me would be to write a story about the loom magically weaving fates together. But I won't do that.
As Private Frazer might say: "We're loomed! We're all loomed!"
It's the 10th, so the Challenge in now open for entries.

Good luck, everyone!

(It's very quiet in here. No one got any ideas they want to share or thoughts about weaving?)
Terrific inspiration picture, TDZ!
I jumped in and posted first just to get rid of my story... I feel like Charlie Daniels... constantly fiddling. I'm, editing it even after posting. I'm always so happy when the hour edit-window passes.

Good luck, everyone, with your stories, CC
I played around with a few ideas, but my wife's Puebloan blood (half bread) keep to the forefront.

Weaving, let's see here. Many years ago, an acquaintance asked me if I could make them a frame loom that they could use to make Rag Rugs with. So, I made one for them based on the Southwest frame design that was adjustable; 4 X 4-6 feet (1.2 X 1.2- 1.8m). And I told them that depending how they strung the warp, they could do Rag weaving, Navajo or Tapestry looping style as well.

The first thing they did was a Rag Rug, and they were very impressed with my simple design. The last I saw of them they strung it up for Tapestry and had 1/3 of a rug done. They trimmed the ends of the loops as they went along, it was very impressive to see.

Did you know that there is evidence the Navajo women may have learned how to make looms, weave and possibly storytelling from the Puebloan men?
It's the bases for Spider Man and Spider Women in Navajo lore, or so the story goes as I know it. ;)
Cat's Cradle: A powerful indictment of the cruelty of those abandoned by society, with an all too plausible look at the near future.

Astro Pen: An imaginative combination of one of the great tragedies of our time with magic realism, resulting in an extraordinary image of loss.

THX1138: An entirely new myth, with respect given to cultural traditions and the power of recording one's lifetime.
@Cat's Cradle .... Stored Away .... This is a powerhouse story which tugs at both heartstrings and worries of a not unlikely tomorrow.

@Astro Pen .... The Wool Spiders .... A story which finds the macabre in a speculative future of an everyday life event.

@THX1138 .... The Storyteller .... A story which occurs at the intersection of stories, myths, and love.

@Victoria Silverwolf .... The Spider Queen .... A story which spins a myth so intriguing that it should be a true story.
@Rafellin .... Respect .... A story that combines the ancient arts with modern tech in a surprising and wonderful way.
@Troyzan787 .... Decisions .... A story that takes the threads of life and makes them into a tapestry of life.
@Guttersnipe .... A Question of Obsolescence .... A story that sees answers as more more complex than a finish line.

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