DISCUSSION THREAD -- April 2021 300 Word Writing Challenge (#41)

A resounding victory @Luiglin, congratulations on such a well received story.

As expected the ambiguous pic lead to a great diversity of wonderful tales. Well done all.

My heartfelt thanks to @johnnyjet and @Dan Jones for my only mentions.
Just about kept my chin up. Though truth be told, I didn’t expect anything from such generic content so hastily thrown together.

I did get one vote late on, and I will always take a vote! But I have a feeling it was maybe a pity vote? I wouldn’t want to guess others motives, but given that mine and two other zero vote stories got a vote from this generous soul... or maybe they just have a different taste to everyone else. Like I said I will take it regardless.

Lets see what the next pic brings.
Congrats, Luiglin.

A veritable horde of honourable mentions this quarter. I'm sure it must have been something they ate, but huge thanks go to nixie, BT Jones, johnnyjet, chrispenycate, Dan Jones, and The Judge regardless. :)
Congratulations @Luiglin! (y)
Was a fantastic interpretation of the themed image and an alluring execution. Deservedly so you received the lion’s share of the votes and the victory.
Well done @ Luiglin for a deserved win with a great piece of work.

Thanks @ chrispenycate for saving me from a complete blank and also thanks to the few who mentioned it. Judging from the reception, the least said about it the better, so time to move on.
@Luiglin congratulations on an evocative, symbolic tale of horror. Any more of those kind of tales and I expect I shall have to reserve one of my votes for you every quarter :D

Especial apologies - I have been out of sorts and had completely forgotten to post my thanks and shortlists. So:

Thank you to @The Judge @Abernovo, @Jo Zebedee , @Luiglin, @reddishbird, @Daysman and @sule for the votes. I was really annoyed at the rest of the membership for not having voted for me, so you lot get extra overly lingering hugs from me by way of extra appreciation. I'll be watching you all...

*Votes and Shortlist:
BT Jones
Ianforty Two
The Judge
Bren G