Glen Cook's The Black Company

Unfortunately I already read all the Erikson books (right after Black Company). Loved them so much. Then I did the Farseer Trilogy and now I feel a bit lost...

I might try the Song of Fire and Ice to get my fix of dark fantasy. I really like violent / dark / military fiction.
Also try Paul Kearney Deltakid, along a similar vein and excellent, especially at Sea battles.
Ah, ok.
I heard there was a book that followed Raven and Silent and that the main arc and all the rest followed Croaker and the company.
That's good to know, I'll probably try and get the books of the south in soon.

That's Silver Spike and it can be read either before or after Shadow Games, since the events in both books occur at the same time and in each there are little hints of things occurring in the other book, not that the protaganists know what they are.

I suppose reading Silver Spike first keeps all the Books of the North together but it's not essential.

Silent was my favourite character, I really missed him when the Company went South without him.

Isn't it time Glen Cook got his own section? I'll do a bibliography for him if he gets one ;)
Is the Black Company still in print? I am reading Malazan right now, and wouldn't mind looking at some of Erikson's influences.
Others would know more but i'm sure that the omnibus editions of the Black Company are still floating around, Over here anyway, not sure about your neck of the woods though.
I'm currently reading SHADOWS LINGER in the omnibus CHRONICLES OF THE BLACK COMPANY and theres alot of similarities between the authors. Hope you'll find a copy cos if you like one you'll probably like the other.
I'm sure the omnibus editions are still in print. I hate big books though personally and I'd try and pick up good condition second hand paperbacks if it was me, they should be easy to find, though not necessarily cheap. That's how I got all the Garrett series and many of his other books. Some of them turned out to be signed as well.
They're absolutely still in print at an affordable price. I recently picked up the final omnibus No. 4 from Tor. Aside from the new work Cook is working on I posted about previously incl. 2 new Black Company novels.

I'm sure I already posted the omnibus series in PB by Tor here somewhere?....

EDIT: AH...we appear to have 2 threads both discussing Cook and his Black Company series, so I pinched my post from there to include in here....

Tor softcover releases:

The Chronicles of The Black Company (collects The Black Company, Shadows Linger, and The White Rose) (November 2007)

The Books of the South (collects Shadow Games, Dreams of Steel, and The Silver Spike) (June 2008)

The Return of The Black Company (collects Bleak Seasons, and She Is The Darkness) (September 2009)

The Many Deaths of The Black Company (collects Water Sleeps, and Soldiers Live) (January 2010)
OK, pinching another of my posts from the same's an update on Cook's current schedule. Werthead will no doubt be able to add further to this.

Well he's supposed to be writing 2 more Company novels A Pitiless Rain and Port Of Shadows.

He's reported to be currently working on the final Instrumentalities book, WORKING THE GODS’ MISCHIEF, another P.I. Garrett novel, GILDEN LATTEN LOVE(RS), a new Dread Empire novel, A PATH TO COLDNESS OF HEART and the Black Company novel PORT OF SHADOWS.
I found this interview: Pat's Fantasy Hotlist: New Glen Cook Interview.

Looks like Port of Shadows will be the next BC book, with A Pitiless Rain following after. Also, there's a new Instrumentalities book already at the publishers, so there will be four altogether, rather than just three.
Err....thought that was what I said? I'm definitely loosing it now....

Definitely :D

Previous sources had put A Pitiless Rain as the next book with Port of Shadows following, so when I saw that Port of Shadows was being worked on I thought A Pitiless Rain (a good BC title that, more bad times for the Company lol) might already have been completed, until I read the interview. Also, it was said somewhere that Instumentalities would be a trilogy, so it's a nice surprise (to me anyway) that we're getting two more.

Anyway, hopefully we'll get something new from him this year.
Anyway, hopefully we'll get something new from him this year.
If nothing else it would be nice to get the final and somewhat elusive Dread Empire volume that's encountered various roadblocks along the way.....:)

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