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  1. Nerds_feather

    Glen Cook's The Black Company Discussion

    I want to share something my friend Jemmy wrote and use it as a springboard for discussion of Glen Cook and his contribution to fantasy fiction. Gritty or "grimdark" fantasy is arguably the genre's center of gravity at the moment. George R. R. Martin, Stephen Erickson, Joe Abercrombie, KJ...
  2. Werthead

    The Black Company series by Glen Cook

    The Black Company
  3. Snowdog

    The Glen Cook Instrumentalities of the Night What Does It All Mean Thread

    I've just bought the third book in the series and I'm re-reading the first two to remind me what happened. I think I'm finally coming to grips with what's happening where to whom in Cook's alternate history. For those who haven't read the books Cook has taken many events from a broad period of...
  4. J

    Cook Glen - Black Company

    Do you like Cook Glen's Black Company books? These books are my best fantasy books i've ever read. I enjoyed these books so much i was problem to stop reading. These dark fantasy books are different. There are no heroes in shining armor in these books but simple mercenaries, tons of undead and...
  5. O

    Glen Cook's The Black Company

    I will probably be buying the first book so I thought I'd ask the community here what you guys think of it if you've read any of the books in this series. What kind of style is it? Gritty/bloody at all? Adult themes?
  6. Lacedaemonian

    Steven Erikson is just a Glen Cook hack??

    Steven Erikson is just a Glen Cook hack?? Having just read the first three volumes of The Black Company series by Glen Cook I was left feeling shocked and disappointed. How could Erikson use so much of this work and not feel abject guilt? Do not get me wrong, there is almost enough original...
  7. rune

    Glen Cook?

    Anyone read this authors books:) I'm wondering about the Black Company series. It looks interesting but I know nothing about this author.