Glen Cook: Port of Shadows


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Sep 17, 2018
To start, I have been re-reading Glen Cook books for 20 years.
I know the lore. I know some names that aren't supposed to be known.

Credence is alive. Howler is a Senjak. Dominator is a rapist (Not sure why I'm surprised.)
There are shadows involved with the Company more than a 20 years earlier than previously thought?

4 years of Company history is forgotten, and Croaker has STILL-unexplained children?

Barthelme of Jaunt was married to Credence, yet he didn't recognize "her" whilst escorting her to Lady?

One-Eye and Goblin's sickness are never explained. The Port of Shadows is a fallacy.

There is a single Nyueng Bao named multiple times throughout this book. I believe a female?

Who is Papa?

Was it Ardath that was murdered? Also, no mention of Sylith's drowning...
I need a Murgen to my Croaker. Thoughts?

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