If there was a movie?

How about Liv Tyler She was great as Arwen in LOTR.

which is precisely why she shouldn't be allowed within 2000 miles of the set for a Belgariad series. Its really boring seeing the same actors and actresses in what boils down to essentially the same (or similar) movies/series. Liv is also WAY to passive to play Polgara anyway. and if i have to see close ups of her mouth again... i swear... high powered rifles will become involved.
I still think Madeline Stowe would do a great Polgara, if she hasn't aged to badly from when she did Last of the Mohicans.
Sorry guys, but I really can't see Lucy Lawless as Pol. She's too butch, she's not delicate enough to be Aunt Pol! Not that Aunt Pol is really delicate, but she's a lady of class. She can rough it when she has to, but she's a lady of refined taste and bearing. I just see Lucy Lawless as a bit too rough and heavy-handed.

I think Angelina Jolie could pull it off; I think she could play a very light and delicate character well, but also have Pol's sometimes ruthless (Doroon's Arm!) bearing, along with the motherly side she shows.

Sophia Loren would have been great.Linda Carter next,Demi Moore would have been perfect.'08.
Thought I'd add Kate Beckinsale to the pot. I have seen her in a few films and she has displayed the characteristics mentioned by devilsgrin

Pol is all majesty, virtue and grace!
i love Kate Beckinsale... I could totally see her as Polgara... so long as Bill Nighy is never suggested as Belgarath she would be excellent. throw in her utterly flawless beauty, and i think we have our Polgara.

Easily the hardest role to cast... Belgarath and the rest of the companions are relatively easy... and Garion of course should be a less well known (but not Unknown) actor of the right look and age... but since Polgara verges on sheer perfection, she's by far the hardest to get right.
Patrick Stewart as Belgarath. No one else. No, not Sean Connery, Patrick Stewart. Patrick Stewart Patrick Stewart Patrick Stewart. That's it. Aishawarya Rai as Vella (although she would probably never do it). Danny Devito as Beldin. I can't really suggest anyone as Polgara, she's very near and dear to my heart. Remember, she is supposed to be (in appearance at least) around the age of 25 and all the actress these days at that age are all too, hmmm, how can I put this delicately? Sluttish? The rest, hmmm, well whatever. But I just had to make sure everyone knew that it is Patrick Stewart as Belgarath and absolutely no other.
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Firstly, I am so sorry if I get names wrong, it has been a while since I have read them and I only looked at the first 10 or so pages of this thread.

Personally, I'd have the following (cannot give all as I just cannot choose for some of them) on some conditions:

Belgarath - Jeremy Irons if he really went for it. He had good foundations in Eragon, and despite it being a bad movie, he was still good in it.

Durnik - Jim Caviezel with stubble and if he let himself go a bit.

Beldin - Andy Serkis. He can play "hidden" roles well.

Zakath - Sean Penn or Christian Bale or Keifer Sutherland

Poledra - Michelle Pfeiffer. She can wear that tawny hair, is the right age and that timeless beauty.

Queen Nyssa - Either Olivia Wilde (Thirteen from House) or Monica Bellucci

Voice of the Orb/Good Prophecy - Rowan Atkinson

Adult Garion - Edward Norton (ok age-wise maybe not-so, but he does have that timeless hero look about him)

Adult Ce-Nedra - Natalie Portman (but that's all I've found)

Hettar - Christian Bale (if Sean Penn is Zakath) or David Boreanaz

Torak - Ron Perlman

That's all I have so far
i've just had a really rather random thought about a possible Polgara... who is in the right age range, and is certainly shedding her previous Disney family friendly image but becoming an exceptionally talented actress... Anne Hathaway. From what i can see... beautiful, can do graceful, and certainly was able to at times pull of teen-majesty and so could easily bring a more mature edge to Polgara.

Ed Norton as Garion... not to be mean ... LOL... he's SO old... and he looks it. Garion never looks more than 25-27 at any point in the series... Ed Norton looks over than 40...He'd make a significantly better choice for Silk or even Durnik, heck, he'd even be able to pull of a very good 'Zakath.

Ron Perlman as Torak... you did remember that Torak is supposed to be utterly beautiful (well half his face at least) and the soul of refined sophistication... Ron Perlman is ancient, craggy and every character he plays is rough...

I must be having a total blond moment... but who is Queen Nyssa?
do you mean Salmissra... if so Monica Beluci would be OMFG awesome. But ... since Olivia Wilde was Maxim's #1... she's definitely HOT enough too.
I think Ian Holm would still play an excellent Belgarath, humor, wit, and can go from humorous old man to, at least, infinitely creepy. Jeremy Irons, yeah he played the mentor fairly well in Eragon, but it would be him doing the same role.

For Torak I'd probably go with Richard Grant. Kinda babyfacish, but a little crazy around the eyes. Torak to a "T".

Ian Holm was Biblo in LoTR, bit part at best. if the actually make The Hobbit happen, he'll likely have that part. but he was also in Alien, the 5th element, and Day after Tomorrow.

Richard Grant I've only seen in a couple movies, late 80's early 90's, Hudson Hawk, and L.A. Story. I'm sure he's been in others, but those I remember him in.

Personal feeling is that a number of the people in these movies should be "new" talent. Especially for Garion Ce'Nedra, and even Durnik (why have a polished actor play a down to earth, everyday kinda character?) I'd love to see a movie with new faces instead of the same people playing the same parts over and over again.
i actually quite like idea of Liam Neeson as Belgarath. He's craggy looking, tall and with a close crop beard and white hair he should be able to pull of that old but youthful look. plus he's fit, and i'm pretty sure in the mallorean belgarath was supposed to be ripped.

Jake Gyllenhaal would make a pretty cool Silk i think...

Jamie Bell would make a great Garion. He's kinda got that farm boy look to him

Anne Hathaway is good for Pol, although the whole princess thing is too deeply ingrained into the world's brain for her to project 'regal'...that didn't sound as contradicting in my head
how about Jodi lynn o'keefe for polgara. I always imagine her as Polgara when I watch prison break, especially in one episode when she had a blue shirt on:)
Having looked up who she is (I haven't seen any of Prison Break), I think she looks the part. I'll have to watch it one of these days.

That said, and I'm a bit late, but welcome to the Chronicles, wandera!:)
´God I wish there'll be a movie :(

My favourite character's Silk and I'd always pictured him as handsome, but I've recently seen lot's of suggestions of Rowan Atkinson playing him... ugh.... Thought about Jamie Bell as him myself, but I'm not sure if he's old enough.

Anyway, read somewhere about Hayden Panettiere playing Velvet, and that just struck me as perfect. She can totally pull off being all sweet and innocent and then... BAM! snake in the face!

Not sure if she's got the dimples, but I'm sure makeup can fix that.

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