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Aug 23, 2004
if they decided to imortalise the belgarid in film, who would play each character?
I've found the perfect actor to play silk - david spade, and he looks the part (appologies to our silk)
Polgara - Catherine Zeta Jones
Ce'Nedra - Kate Hudson
Beldin - Tom Waits
Beldaran - Sienna Miller
Durnik - Ross Kemp
Asharak the Murgo - that Phoenix with the silly name from Gladiator / Signs
Barak - needs to be big, loud & likable - Kurt Russell perhaps?
I'd like to see Colin Farrell, Robert DeNiro, Al Pacino, Mel Gibson & Edward Norton in their -
If they came to you & offered their services, who would you cast them as, or would they be unsuitable?
mostly unsuitable for the parts. I'd like to see casting based on the characters, not actors profiles. to suit the story rather than commercialism.
and Ross Kemp as the knowedgable and thoughtful smith? meh, i hope not
i think Christopher Walkin(sp) would make a great Belgarath. he plays quirky, odd characters very well. the choice of David Spade would work well. my choice for garion would be Heath Ledger.
Don't know Ross Kemp or Sienna Miller. What have they been in? Not sure about David Spade. I LOVE Catherine Zeta, Kate Hudson selections & I'll support the Walken nomination - a difficult role, but I think he could pull it off.
Sean Connery would be the best person for belgarath he has wisdom beyond his yrs. And Danny Devito as beldin that would be interesting. or maybe John ries Davies played the dwarf in lord of the rings.
Poledra - Sigourney Weaver
Belgarath - Tom Hanks
Beldin - Danny Devito (Definately)
Polgara - Angelina Jolie
Garion - Matt Damon
Ce'Nedra - The sister in 6 feet under(I can't remember her name)
Silk - Tom Cruise
sorry polgara, but tom cruise. blahhh!i will support the nomination for sean connery. definately one of the most handsome and dignified men in the world. i love his voice. i will support anjelina jolie too.
I think someone new would have play Garion and Ce'Nedra. Remember that at the begining of the Belgariad Garion and Ce'Nedra are both aroung 13-15 years old. You have to find someone who looks that age.

Belgarath- Stuart Wilson
Polgara- Julianna Margulies
Silk-Gordon Micheal Woolvett (Harper from Andromeda)
Zedar- Tommy Lee Jones
Barak- John Rhys-Davies
Beldin- Danny Devito

Check out IMDb.com for pictures of anyone you don't know.Tom Cruise and Tom Hanks would, I believe, not be very good choices for anyone. I believe that if the books became movies(there'd have to be more than one) the casting people should stay away from "popular" actors and go for actors that would do the part well.
Last Note: I think this would be better as an animated tv series than a movie. At least in a series you don't have to cut as much of the plot out.
Belgarath - Gary Oldman (like Walken can play just about anything)
Polgara - Lucy Lawless
Beldin - John Rhys-Davies would be PERFECT
Silk - ooooh tough, Johnny Depp?
Durnik - Hugh Jackman
Garion - the guy who plays Colin Creavey in the Harry Potter films - no idea of his name
Ce'Nedra - somebody new, can't really picture anybody

and Salma Hayek as Salmissra (watch from Dusk til Dawn to see why)
I think Hugh Jackman is too young to play Durnik. I always read him as an older guy. And Anjelina Jolie is perfect as Polgara! Not too keen on Sean Connery though. I think he's a little TOO distinguished for the role. Belgarath is supposed to be a bit of a slob after all.
A movie, now that is an interesting notion. The characters would have to be

Garion : Sean Patrick Flannery
Belgarath : Sean Connery
Polgara : Angelina Jolie
Beldin : Geoffrey Rush
Silk : Robin Williams
Durnik : Harrison Ford
Ce'Nedra : Keira Knightly

I know some of these actors have already been mentioned but they are perfect for the role.
I think they should use Orlando Bloom, Adrian Paul, and Aiden Quin. They look the part of fantsy charachtars.
Those actors are SOOOOOOOOOOO wooden or plastic, I haven't quite decided...

What you need is actors of substance and who are able to make the subject believable...

Oooo, Geoffrey Rush is a good choice - an actor who can make you believe almost anything... What about Tim Roth??? Or Marlon Wayans (his portrayal of Snails in Dungeons & Dragons made that film fun for me)... Sir Ian McLellan has shown his ability to do EXCELLENT fantasy work... Dennis Quaid???
The Master™ said:
What about Tim Roth??? ... Dennis Quaid???

Two very good actors. Roth could do a pretty good Silk or Asharak, but as much as I like Dennis (and Randy) I just couldn't cast him for anything in this series except maybe a bit part as Javelin.
If there was a movie i think they would use some less known actors. That would probably be better too. I can't picture some Sean Conneries and Catherine Zeta Jones's in belgariad.
Polgara - Angelina Jolie

Belgarath - Christopher Lee

Ce'Nedra - Rose McGowan

Garion - Orlando Bloom

Durnik - Matthew Fox

Asharak - Gary Oldman

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