If there was a movie?

I've read the series a few times. Tried with different actors' (I read using the actors' voices). But last two times, there can only be one Belgarath for me, and that's Anthony Hopkins. If anyone can play a cantankerous, 7000 plus year old sorceror who sleeps in the saddle, has memorable story telling skills, and can frighten the hell out of people when he perks up ....it has to be Hopkins for me.
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i'm afraid of a cyber-stoning for saying this but... i'm SOOO totally over Johnny Depp, i actually no longer think he'd be a good Silk. He's trapped in the same role every movie, and even when theres variation, its all still of a type. And frankly i'd rather not have Jack Sparrow as Prince Kheldar.

However, having recently watched Dark Shadows (the movie which killed JD as my Silk forever) there are at least 3 other cast members i could see in a belgariad movie.

Michelle Pfeiffer (my all time favourite actress) would make a fantastic Queen Xantha or perhaps Layla.

Eva Green is spectacularly attractive and if there was a younger actress capable of pulling of the majesty and compassion of Polgara, its her. (we have to remember that almost all of the other contenders we list are in their late 30s or 40s... far too old for Polgara - no matter how "good they look for their ages")

Chloe Grace Moretz, imho, would make a fantastic Ce'Nedra. Plus points - she's growing up FAR more attractive than the usual alternative actress (when not lazied away as "some unknown") Dakota Fanning. And she's always a feisty character.
I think something that a lot of people are forgetting about when they make suggestions is the actual personality of the characters. Both Catherine Zeta Jones and Angelina Jolie would not be very good for the part of Polgara for one very good reason: They both have too much of an impish look in their eyes and smiles. Polgara is supposed to be an all business no fun kind of person not just beautiful and exotic. The person who plays her needs to give off an Imperial feel who is fully in command and more than willing and capable of doing anything she says. She has to be a combination of scary, beautiful, strong and weak all at the same time. Quite frankly neither Jolie or Jones gives this impression because they simply look to happy and impish. As for C'nedra I really wish people would stop suggesting women who look mature... she's supposed to be part dryad so she's supposed to look younger than her actual age and she's not even 16 yet... also she needs to be a total stubborn, spoiled brat know it all... so her actress should probably not be anyone older than their early 20's who happens to look really young for her age. The looks don't have to be a perfect match because after all, that's what make-up is for. What needs to fit is the feel they give off and how well they portray those particular personalities. Belgarath gives off the feel of a rough stone that's been polished a bit over time. Most of the rough edges have been polished down but there are still some flaws that shine through... Sorry but the posh guys are out. They can't feel like they've grown up in Nobility and just let themselves go, they have to feel like their knowledge comes from a long time of experience not some proper education he received as a child... he also has to be a bit impish too... or wolfish I guess would be better... Also where does it say that Durnik or Barak are old? Didn't Barak grow up with his wife? She's still having kids so wouldn't that put them between their late 20's to mid 40's give or take? And since their kids are young I'd say more like early 30's at most. It just seems to me like people are more looking for eye candy for these characters rather than someone who could do the role justice through acting. No offense to anyone.
Well, when I was reading the series for the first time; The video clip of the song called "Jaded" (Aerosmith) was very popular.
And I was always thinking while I was watching the video that Mila Kunis is just like Ce'Nedra!
Also the story of the video is just like Ce'Nedra story :)

I could not share the video here, but you can check on youtube :eek:

And she is acting very nice the bitchy characters in the movies&tv series (70s show..etc)

Ahhhh, this old thread.

This idea has been going around for ages. All sorts of names have been bandied around for all sorts of different characters.

Some have been eminently sensible even divinely inspired such as Sean Connery as Belgarath. There is pretty much no one else who should play the part, let's be honest with ourselves.

Numerous names have been bandied about for Polgara, most of them are far too old to play the part. Remembering that Polgara is meant to be nearly as tall as a man, but she probably stopped aging before she hit thirty (talk about Oil of Ulan!).

Garion and Ce'Nedra will undoubtedly have to be done by unknowns. Frabnkly there is no one currently famous that really is anywhere decent enough to play it. The idea of having one actor to play them in the Belgariad and another in the Mallorean (supposing both were to be made) is just dumb frankly. It would ruin the continuity of the whole project. I would offer my services, but alas I fear I am getting too old now :p

As to Brak, well my choice has always been Gavin O'Herlihy. For those who are unaware, he played the part of Arik in Willow.... need I say more.

Silk is another strange one. I heard lots of interesting suggestions include one such as Eddie Murphy...

Yes I know.

But aside from that lunacy, he is a difficult one to cast. You need someone short, with a certain muscularity, and athleticism. It may end up being an unknown as well.

Of course this is most likely never to happen. But then we can dream.
I'm definitely for Salma Hayek as Salmissra xD. Danny De Vito as Beldin also appeals me.

For the rest, I have to meditate. I offer myself to be Silk or Silk's Brother ;D.

How about Olivia Taylor Dudley as queen Porenn?
Hi Arlecchino and welcome to the Chrons ! Very nice Avatar ! :)

Don't forget Beldin likes to swear a lot and Danny DeVito makes you laugh whenever he shows up.

Seriously ? You wanna be Silk ? :lol:
sorry for the thread necro... but an idea for a Silk casting came to mind: Tomer Capon (from The Boys...)
There's the energy, charisma, ability to play the up the underlying tragedy of Kheldar's life... plus he's not a big guy either, so he fits a lot of the physical Silk requirements.

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