david eddings

  1. Alexa

    The Belgariad trivia

    Belgarath was one of my favorite sorcerer and I miss him. I'm sure I'm not the only one in here, so if you want to remember him, let's play a trivia game.:) What was the nickname Garion gave him in Pawn of Prophecy ?
  2. C. J. Watterson

    What are kids reading today that's like Eddings?

    Just curious to know, and maybe it's good and I'd like to read it too. Also, while my book has some Eddings like tropes, there's no point in marketing at Eddings readers. They are probably moved on to grittier stuff like the now ubiquitous George R. R. Martin *sigh*. Is this a stupid question...
  3. B


    I know this is going to sound a little sad but is anyone else just a little bit in love with Garion and jealous of Ce'nedra? I think he's lovely. I also think in this world of CGI it would be a brilliant time to turn the Belgaraid and the Mallorean into films, I would be the first in the queue. :o
  4. Zombie

    Eddings as Graphic Novels?

    I asked this on the Eddings FB page but there wasn't a huge response. I know people talk of movies, and it would kinda be nice if done well enough. But that's never going to happen. And as I was rereading The Stand's graphic novel adaptation I got to thinking that this is one area where Eddings...
  5. J

    Reading The Belgariad series, question about the one no one will name

    So I just started this and I finished up Pawn of Prophecy and moved on to the Queen of Sorcery. The second book starts off with everyone sitting around the camp just tossing out the name of the guy who stole the orb. During the whole first book they all refused to say his name because if...
  6. Alean

    Somebody still here...?

    Hi to all, I just joined this forum as I was absolutely delighted to see a bunch of Eddings-Fans having posted here. Now the important question: Are you still here? As the threads are quite old, I'm afraid that I might be talking all to myself :eek: Greetings, Alean
  7. D

    The Belgariad/Malloreon, Prefer Movies or Series?

    Hi all Just interested in others opinions :D After seeing Game of Thrones, I think I'd like to see The Belgariad and The Malloreon series of books turned into an HBO series rather than films I think a series would be able to tell the story more fully (100 hours worth of story!) If the same...
  8. H

    The Mythology of the Elenium/Tamuli

    I was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of a passage, which I remember distinctly, where Aphrael ( I think) describes to the reader how the gods get their power and how they are formed. I know the principle, but I am looking to cite the passage itself. In anticipation of an...
  9. R

    Okay, here's the thing (Belgariad related with some spoilers)

    I've just finished re-reading The Belgariad and I really have to get something off my chest that's been bothering me ever since the first time I read the series. Why in the world have they (both Eddings, since apparently they both worked on the books) set up this strange incongruity...
  10. V

    New author

    Hey guys pretty new to the forum here just thought id ask something. I just finished the belgariad and am eagerly awaiting for the mallorean to arrive. i was really down when I found out Eddings was dead. I was just wondering if you guys thought a new author should/could pick up the world and...
  11. S

    I feel so empty now...

    I've just finished the Mallorean and am nearly in tear at my desk in work typing this. I finished it this morning and feel so sad that there'll be never be more tales about Belgarath, Garion, gentle Beldin, Aunt Pol, Silk etc. The final farewells were so beautifully written and the loose ends...
  12. X

    Bel/Mal Nut Wants a Pen-Pal

    It is rather difficult to lead a normal life when you keep referring to Aunt Pol's wisdom in dealing with people. And, since I'm not around SciFiFantasy people, I'm rather grumpy. Does anyone want to just start rambling with me? Think Adara/Garion. Or perhaps, Arell/Ce'Nedra. Or...
  13. L

    Wired vibe between Polgara and Garion in Malloreon

    So guys don't beat messenger, I m big fan of Edings, read over all 10 books, but in Malloreon I got some strange vibe between lines. Garion is always stunt with Polgara beauty:confused:, she give him advice to be more "imaginative" in his marriage:eek:. Did any one else capture his eyes on...
  14. Leadbelly

    Audio books?

    Hi all, I'm a big Eddings fan but I'm also a Dairy Farmer which doesn't give me a lot of time for reading unfortunately. I used to have the dark Tower read by Frank Muller on taped book which I enjoyed a lot, and it occurred to me I might be able to find a torrent of Davids books online and...
  15. jamlebrilla

    I got lucky.

    I am so lucky. I've always been a David Eddings fan ever since elementary. I've completed my collection on his Belgariad and Mallorean series. And I've got Belgarath the Sorcerer and Polgara the Sorceress. That's why I couldn't believe my luck when I found a hardbound edition of The Treasured...
  16. R

    Rediscovering the books after 20+ years

    I cant believe it but it must be almost 25 years since I was introduced to the Belgariad at university. Everyone was reading it and it did not take long for me to pick up the bug. Possibly his later series are better but I still have a fond spot for a series that was part of university days...
  17. D

    Questions unanswered in the books

    Why, if Pol is the prefix for a woman sorcerer and disciple, and Bel for a male, is Polgara's sister named Beldaran? Will Ce-nedra live forever, because she doesn't seem to be tied to a particular tree? Do grolim priests who can use the will and the word live forever also? Why is there the...
  18. Ronsworth

    New to Eddings?

    I don't know about anyone else but I am. I found "Pawn of Prophecy" at my work (I work at a book/music/movie store) and I was intrigued by the cover. As I always seem to be lol. I bought it and was in love from beginning to end! This was just last week and I blew through the book. I now have the...
  19. A

    David Eddings; good storyteller, bad author [spoilers]

    I've reread all of his fantasy books several times. They are pretty good. But he often takes the easy way out. Example: In the Malloreon, using a character to decide what happens. Boring and annoying. Many of his characters are too powerful. e.g. those creater beings in the dreamers. can't...
  20. Zombie

    Eddings Art

    Hey, this (Campfire stories by *JessKat83 on deviantART) was recently done for me by an artist on DeviantArt. I requested Tynian and Ulath sitting around a campfire telling their stories - and me thrown in because that would be an awesome way to pass an evening, seeing who can spin the biggest...