Fic -- A-B-C fic ---

"Come on Methos," yelled Joe. Tell us what Zoroaster meant, what is going on?
"Don't you think it would be easier to ask him yourself?" Methos responded w/ a snarl.
"Even now after Duncans death your keeping secrets, your going to tell us Methos, or I will beat it out of you", Conner spoke harshly.
"Fellas, calm down," Joe instructed. "We can work this out in a mature manner."
God! How can you say that?!? yelled Connor yelled.
How? Because we don't have a choice. If we are going to solve this we'll have to be mature...Just have to control yourselves...
Kill who ever killed Duncan, thats all we have to do now, calmly said by Amanda.
No way am I letting this go! He was my kinsman, my brother. I'm not gonna stand by and let his death go unavenged" Conner shouted..
"Oh come on guys! enough w/ the fighting!" Amanda shouted.

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Perhaps when Methos tells us exactly what is going on we can do something about this mess, Joe said.
"Quick, everyone! Over there." Methos pointed toward a retreating figure.
Running towards the figure with everyone else suddenly amanda stops and looks around. "Someone care to tell me where Methos disappeared too?"
"That *******!" snarled Conner, "He skipped out on us."

Under the table Joe noticed a piece of paper. Reading it he was startled. Amanda snatched the paper from Joe. She had to sit down as she read it.
"Xerox that note and pass copies to the rest of the gang!" a ridiculously clad man called from across the way.

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"Zeus! Has everyone gone mad?" Cryed an annoyed Methos

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