Fic -- A-B-C fic ---

Highlander II

There can be only one!!
Jun 6, 2001
Okay - what is an "ABC fic" you ask? well - it's a round robin form of fic, but there's a catch -- each new sentance (and if ya get kinda stuck, paragraph) begins w/ the next successive letter of the alphabet.

I'll begin and this should get ya started. and remember - if ya have questions -- just ask --- we'll help ya out!!!

"All right, what do you think you're doing?" Methos asked the man before him.

"Breaking your neck if I get close enough. Draw your sword!" the man replied.

*Can't any of these new immortals just run off and play somewhere else?* Methos sighed, shaking his head, drawing his sword. "Dare I ask why you're wanting to fight?"

"Everyone knows that there can be only one" the man responded.

"Fighting to the death over a rule in some "Game" that no one one knows the origin of has always struck me as rather stupid" Methos returned.

like this?
(yeah yeah -- that's it!! woohoo!!!!)

"Great, i had to pick a fight with the one guy who doesn't believe in the game," the younger immortal said to himself.

"Hurry up already, i dont have all day," Methos groaned, raising his sword in preparation for the fight.
"Just what I need," Methos muttered as he moved to block the other immortal's initial attack.
Killing this twerp will be a pleasure.

Lunging to one side, Methos then swung his blade in a high arc and landed it on the younger immortal's neck, passing it through and removing his head.
"Maybe it won't hurt so much this time," Methos thought just before the Quickening hit.

"Nope, I was wrong," was his last thought before the lightning began striking him again and again.
Objects are flying all around Methos. The lighting hitting again and again, this young one was strong.
"Quickenings feel like hell, don't they?" Duncan asked as he approached.
"Refreshing, actually," Methos responded, "What are you doing here anyway, MacLeod?"
"Take your slumming self and go on about your business then. I'm late for an appointment," Methos said, waving a hand at Duncan in a shooing fashion.
"U"h, whats with you, Methos come on", yelled Duncan as Methos walked away.
"Very busy, MacLeod; gotta run," Methos replied as he turned to walk away.

"Wait! Methos...." Duncan called after the fleeing immortal.
"Xavier's back!"

"You LIAR! He's DEAD, MacLeod!" Methos screamed, his back to the younger immortal.

(okay - i did X - someone else can do Z)
(ok - FINE - i'll do the stupid "Z")

"Zachary Blaine told me Xavier couldn't die," MacLeod yelled, fruitlessly.

someone up to use "A" again???? come on -- you can do it ........
"Aww, c'mon Mac, even Immortals can die." Methos replied, rapidly losing his patience with the Scot.
"Don't you get it? Old, dead immortals are coming back to haunt us!" Duncan exclaimed.