Fic -- A-B-C fic ---

Ye gods! MacLeods dead!

(ok I know this is very stupid but I couldn't think of anything else)
"Zulu time is 1935, EST is 1435, PST is 1135, and Duncan MacLeod is dead," Joe spoke into his recorder solemnly.
" Awww damn it now I'm gona have to tell Methos about MacLeod dieing..." sighed Joe.
"Crap! Down to just one Highlander. Everyone knew Connor was the better one anyway" Methos said upon hearing the news.
"For crying out loud, would you just sto.... oops, wrong show... sorry," Jack O'Neill said, looking sheepish as he backed out of the scene.

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God No!!! Amanda cried out as Methos tells her of Duncans death.

Have you any clues to who did this?

I will kill the ******* myself!!!

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"Just hold on a minute, Amanda. Killing whoever did this is gonna be pretty tough... she's already dead," Methos made a face, hoping Amanda wouldn't scream at him.
"No, Connor. You can't," Joe stated, "do you know how hard it is to kill a ghost?"
"Oh come on Joe!! do you really believe in ghosts? Duncan did not die of fright his head was cut off damm it!!!!!"
Pushing Connor, Amanda yelled, "Leave him alone! Quit fighting! Really what we need to do is find out who killed Duncan and make sure he, she, or it never hurts another of us!"

(okay - handled the "Q" -- someone else gets some of the other toughies!)
"Stop all this! I know who it was that killed the Macleod!" an old man yelled, "it was Zoroaster!"
They all turned at the same time with amazement looking at the old man. Under his coat they spotted the white pearl handle of Duncan's sword.
"Wait just a minute," Connor snarled, "you are Zoroaster! Why else would you have Duncan's sword?"
"X"ander and Rebecca are just the begining Highlander", laughed the old man.

"Y"ou understand Methos don't you? Turning pale with fright Methos did know what Zoroaster meant.
"Zoroaster you are a dead man!" exclaimed Connor, oblivious to the look on Methos's face.
"But Methos he killed Duncan!" said the extreamly unhappy Connor