Fic -- A-B-C fic ---

"All right, all right! Calm down! Xeroxing is a good idea, but where are we going to find a xerox machine?" Amanda asked.
"Come on, Joe, there can't be a Xerox mach..." Methos' jaw dropped when he saw that Joe was right.
Duncan spotted the problem, as the hero often does.... "Theres no-where to plug it in out here in this field.."
Eyeing the document in her hand and the useless Xerox machine, Amanda could only shrug.
"For the love of all that holy! Will we ever be able to Xerox?" Wailed Methos.
Groaning and rubbing his face with his hand, Joe was at a complete loss on how to solve this dilema.
Haveing no idea what else he can do Duncan pulled his sword from the magic sword hideing place in his coat and started cleaning it.
"I think I'd better go," Methos stated, and turned to leave. "Just give me a call if you ever figure this out."
Killing a bug is hard to do with a sword, a bored Duncan soon found out.
"Looks like we'll just have to find an Office Max or something," Amanda commented, bored out of her skull.
"Methos was right to leave, it seems like we've been stood in this field for over a year" snarled Duncan