Fic -- A-B-C fic ---

Exasperated Methos growls "Oh you believe in ghosts...what's next...Santa Clause?"
Fuming, Duncan paced back and forth. "No, I don't believe in Santa Claus, or ghosts, but I'm tell you there are old immortals coming back!"
Immortals just don't come back after they lose there heads! Think Macleod!
Jumping up and down, MacLeod demanded Methos listen: "No! These ARE coming back! They're hunting us!"
(woohoo! Markpud's playing too! ;) )

"Look you loser. Get out of my face and stop boring me w/ your stupid ghost stories. I was on my way to something very important!" Methos spat and stalked away. (again)
Oh why won't hear what I'm saying, Methos?!
Peering over his shoulder at Duncan, Methos flips him the bird. He hurrys to his appointment with Joe at the Wathcer Headquarters.
(flips him the bird! - ROFL!!)

Quite agast, Duncan stops dead and Metos dissapears into the distance.. But almost from nowhere, Duncan senses the approach of another immortal...
'Really not in the mood for this now,' Duncan thought as he drew his sword and turned to face the immortal.
Standing in front of Duncan was Rebecca, he could not belive his eyes.
Ufortunately, it was happening; old, dead immortals - good and bad - were returning and hunting, but only coming after Duncan MacLeod, apparently.
(Don't you hate it...We don't want duncan to be the star!)

Very shocked, Duncan just stared at Rebecca.
What the hell is happening he thought as he stood there starring at Rebecca, not realizing her sword is about to take his head off.....
Xavier rounded the corner just as the quickening was ending, but Rebecca took off like a shot and ducked into an alley before Xavier could catch up.

(stop leaving me w/ freaking X! ;) )