Best Wheel of Time novel so far?

Eye of the World.

The first 15, or so, chapters were the best RJ ever wrote. Everything seemed to flow so well, the characters were colorful. It seemed, to me, that he put far more work into those chapters than any others. Plus the strange catch phrases didn't seem to bother me until they were over-played later in the stories.
The Great Hunt is my favourite. By then we are familiar with the characters and are introduced to more, making it easier to follow.
So far though, there hasn't been one volum that I haven't enjoyed.

I have this pattern too. In most vast series that I have read (Dune, Sword of Truth) I find myself liking the second book the most, if not then just as much as the first.

I am just over halfway through The Great Hunt. Indeed, I am a newcomer to this series. I was thrilled with The Eye of the World, and it's been a good while since I have read it, but I can tell that I love this second volume even more.
Lord of Chaos for me, loved it. I really enjoy reading from the Forsaken's perspective's, and Rands... far more than any of the others. In fact I found many pov's so boring that I had to skip some of it, in a lot of books.
Eye of the world, then The Great Hunt. But I've only read the first six books.

Commonmind: You loved Lord of Chaos? Was it the drama? I doubt it was the action. There wasn't any 'til the very end. Was there? I stopped reading the series after that book. No disrepect intended. Just wondering what I missed.

None taken. I couldn't put my finger on it if I tried to, it was just one of those books that resonated with me. I could also try to explain to you why "Stomp the Yard," was one of my favorite movies, despite not being a fan of hip-hop or the style of dance used in the film, but I'd be hard-pressed to find the words. It was one of those books I put down and was sad because it had ended.
My favourite is not the best book of the series, perversely. It's the last of the 'acceptable' ones, though - Book 7, Crown of Swords, the last one to have enough chapters for RJ to indulge in his incredibly slow-paced, waddling style while still carving the bare bones of a story out of it.

Or maybe it's just that my affinity for Mat Cauthon makes the Ebou Dar thread the most enjoyable for me. Probably that.

The start of The Eye of the World was too much of a Fellowship of the Ring ripoff for my liking. I'm struggling to think of a best book in the series. I'm so disillusioned with it...
ha ha ha :)
yes very true - contentious point this, but do you think Robert Jordan even knows where he's going now?
Publishing "A New Spring" recently made me wonder why he's publishing back story without even finishing the actual story first!

I suppose you might level the same accusation at GRRM for doing the same with the hedge knight, but at least that was a short story and not an entire novel, so didn't take much out of his time for writing the next in the series

But "New Spring was a short story compared with every book in the WoT series!!

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