Best Wheel of Time novel so far?

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Nov 23, 2002
If it's not a silly question - which is the best WoT novel so far - and why?

Is it because of the way the plot progresses in it - or the character development?

And how easy would it be to read as a standalone??
i read only the first 4 till now, so can't really anwer this question well. but out of the ones i read the 4th one was definitly the best - the characters, the plot. it was really well written.

i liked the 2nd one least of all though. seemed written differently somehow.
9. i simply loved nine. my god! I dont want to say to much, as not to give anything away. but what make's me love that one over the rest (there is one equal to it but hell if i can seperate the books in my mind) are the events that take place. my god, i was like "HOLY ****!" i almost dropped the book when i read a certain part in it. You can guess what it is if you read it. I called my friend and he was just after reading the part. We were both in awe.
Welcome Moiraina Sedai to this board of fun... :D

I could never get past the first few pages of the first book... Man, were they heavy...
They all blurred into one for me. I'd need to read them all again in quick succession to pick a favourite and that's not likely for a long time. I'll give Jordan one thing though, he's consistent in two regards: length and complexity of plot. With about 30 villains and 50-ish heros, there's no danger of knowing where the storyline is actually going. Goodness only knows how he manages to avoid major inconsistencies of character/glitches in storyline.
My vote is either for The Great Hunt (book 2) or The Dragon Reborn (book 3).
Either book 4 or 5.

How could you not feel the power of Rand in the Shadow Rising when they were... at the end? :)

I thought it just went downhill from Crown of Swords though. And Crossroads of Twilight.... ><
Re: Either book 4 or 5.

They kind of blur into one long book for me as well, but if I had to choose, I'd go with Lord of Chaos. Can't say why really. Maybe it's the ending with the battle at Dumai Wells. Or something...
Re: Either book 4 or 5.

Whatever books finally puts an end to that dreadful eternity of a series.
Totally disagree with silly woman of doom. Book two is far and away my favourite book as a whole. The way it is written beginning to end is what drew me into the series because it's the one I read first and didn't read EOTW until after book 4. So many bits I love and concentrating important parts on my favourite characters...Moiraine, Egwene, Nynaeve, Mat, Min, Thom, Tam, Perrin, Siuan. Really got to know them all in this book. It was like it should be. And parts really stand out 'Blood calls Blood' and Ingtars last stand (Which I cried at :eek:

Other books in the series have good parts, some great parts but this one I think by far the best. Challenge me if you dare.
Fires of Heaven for me, although if I met Robert Jordan I've probably have to quote Monty Python & the Holy Grail....."Get ON with it!" :)
dragonqueen said:
I've only read one so far, the Shadow Rising but I thought it very good, enough so to look for more:)

So you didn't start with the first book? If you enjoyed it then I would definitely recommend starting from the beginning with The Eye of the World (well technically New Spring is the beginning but I think it would mean more to read that after you're acquainted with Lan and Moiraine).
Yeah well, I didn't have access to a public library, and that was the only one we had at home, I usually don't like starting in the middle of a series, but I'd run out of good books at that stage, I've got plenty now though:) Must get those other books aye~
I can never remember which book is which, I started them only recently and read the first 8 in a few months all at once. Which ever one starts (oh, don't look down if you don't want to be spoiled).
.right after he cleanses the source.
Yea that was a great part! One of the best thus far in the series. I'm expecting big things from book 11 considering absolutely nothing happened in the Crossroads of Twilight.
Neon said:
I'm expecting big things from book 11 considering absolutely nothing happened in the Crossroads of Twilight.

ha ha ha :)
yes very true - contentious point this, but do you think Robert Jordan even knows where he's going now?
Publishing "A New Spring" recently made me wonder why he's publishing back story without even finishing the actual story first!

I suppose you might level the same accusation at GRRM for doing the same with the hedge knight, but at least that was a short story and not an entire novel, so didn't take much out of his time for writing the next in the series
The Hedge Knight was written primarily for Legends.. can't compare him to Jordan for that.

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