Best Wheel of Time novel so far?

Lord of Chaos was good. I only read as far as 7 though - I'd have to re-read everything to start reading the others, and I can't quite face that, so we'll stick with Lord of Chaos. ;-)
I read the whole series from start to finish about 4 times a year and you always discover new things, although I haven't figured out who killed Asmodean either. I am a little disapointed with Knife of Dreams, it kinda feels like he's just "joining the dots' in the plot but I was pleased that I had surmised most things correctly, like where Semirhage had been hiding out and who Setalle Anan really was and who Noal is, the list goes on. My fave book is The Great Hunt, not qutie sure why, probably because they still retain some innocence before they get all arrogant esp Rand. And it features lots of Loial and the bit where Rand's hurling fire at Machin Shin at Barthanes' and Hurin asked what was the fire and was it going to throw it at them makes me laugh every time.
For me either book three or four are the best so far. If I had to chose one it would probably be Dragon Reborn, this is because for me it has the best combination of plot progression and character development. After about book six this balance does seem to go off somewhat but hopefully in bringing the series towards a conclusion the balance is coming back...
I realy don't know... I think the 10th (20 in Sweden) is the best. I wonder if Mat is going to see Rand in the meeting and how Rand will react.
eye of the world. the first one. it was got me reading teh series after all (tho after four i wish i had stopped) i like rand, the women were not as irratating as they became, and i fouind it interesting.
I love the wheel of time books they are pretty much one in my head though!!!!!!!!!!!!
I might have posted in this thread already (sorry, can't be bothered reading it all :(), but here's my thoughts atm...

I thought that The Eye of the World was the worst of the series due to it's amazing Tolkien copyright breach. I only carried on out of a lack of anything else to read plus a huge amount of boredom.

Shadow rising is probably my favourite. I think it was the first one in the series that really stood out to me as more than your average fantasy fair. More than the farmboy-becomes-jedi-master that the previous 3 books had been sticking to religiously. Sure, Rand was still destined to become the jedi master, but book 4 showed it wasn't going to be that simple :p
I remember really loving the first couple books. I thought the characters were interesting and the plot was compelling. But as the series has progress it feels like its spinning its wheels. It doesn't seem to go anywhere and the only character I still look forward to reading is Perrin, I like wolves so sue me, and he gets no time in comparison with the boring as hell characters in the tower and the increasingly annoying and unpleasant female characters. I think he is not so much writing the story as trying to draw it out to thirteen books to fit his pattern.
I always thought 13 would have been the perfect number of books for the series, and it seemed like that's what he was aiming for. 12 was a bit of a surprise, and has come a bit early I think.

Since he changed his mind about alternating between main and prequels, and then lost all that weight, I did suspect he had a health problem :(
I can't remember why as I haven't read the books in quite a while, and so can't remember what happened in each, but Fires of Heaven was always my favourite WoT book for some reason ... Or maybe I just liked the title ;)
It did have the best title :) And I seem to remember liking the prologue, don't know why that sticks in my head though... had a great ending too if I'm remembering the right one (Rand in a box?)
So far it's Knife of Dreams since that is the only one I've read in the past few years...

However, on a different subject, am I the only one dissappointed in the cover art (US editions)? I've seen Darrell Sweet's art elsewhere and loved it (Piers Anthony Xanth books come to mind) but for some reason all the characters and animals on these covers come out distorted, their hand/heads/feet out of proportion, dwarf horses and improper costumes (though this can probably be pinned on the publisher/author not providing the correct material if the artist has not read the book) and just plain oddness. Am I the only one?
Robert is a good writer but he tends to repeat himself a lot, and I find it does make the stories quicker if you skip every other word when he describes what someone is wearing especially the women. 11 is the best in the series number 4 is good too.
Your so rite Tom, Perrin is the best character in the series, Mat is second and third is Rand. The women get on your nerves as well and could Jordan take down the descriptive a little bit on what the woman are wearing, take out all the description and you got books that are at least 50 pages shorter
Green said:
It did have the best title :) And I seem to remember liking the prologue, don't know why that sticks in my head though... had a great ending too if I'm remembering the right one (Rand in a box?)

Nah, Rand in a Box was during Lord of Chaos I think, Fires of Heaven ended with the infamous killing of Asmodean (Ok... So it's only infamous because they won't tell us who it was ;)) and Rahvin being deconstructed in the palace of Caemlyn.
Ah, well... Fire's of Heaven was still good ;)

As to the Asmodean matter - Jordan has since confirmed who killed him. I don't know whether you know or not, so I'll spoilerise it:


It was Graendal. I think.

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