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  1. chongjasmine

    Tuon... oh Tuon... you are such a hypocrite!

    Tuon is such a hypocrite! What does Mat see in her? Confronted with the fact that she herself can channel, she still tried to train damane and enjoys it. I totally despise her and feel so sorry for Mat. (Currently reading the part where she tried to train Joline, Teslyn etc)
  2. krm27

    The biggest problems with Jordan's books...and why he's a weak writer.

    1. 90% of the social dynamic is based on a very simplistic "battle of the sexes" mentality that is just very repetitive and 2 dimensional. I'm not sure any female characters have ever had a conversation in any of the books where they did not include a line like, "Men! Just children with hair...
  3. T

    The Wheel of Time

    What's everyone's take on the Wheel of Times series by Robert Jordan? Beautifully written, dragged out, incredible character development? I'm currently in the middle of rereading the series (almost done with The Great Hunt) and just wondering everyone's opinion on the series.
  4. The Big Peat

    The Conan Chronicles (4-6) by Robert Jordan

    By the power of pastiche - no wait, wrong scantily clad muscle man. That's the problem with pastiches sometimes; they can end up as a pastiche of a whole range of things, rather than the original subject matter. Jordan's Conan often reminds me a bit more of James Bond than actual Conan. Not that...
  5. S

    What choked you up the most in the series?

    For me, it's the part during the Last Battle where the woman tell Logain she will send her son to the Black Tower to be tested for the gift. Logain finally get's his purpose and glory, restores all that was once taken from him. The balance between Male and Female is finally restored, the past is...
  6. biodroid

    The problematic books

    Soooo... The WOT series has its fair share of problematic books, are they really as bad as everyone makes them out to be? I have been planning to read them but keep putting them off due to said books, I think it starts from book 7 and ends with 10 but book 10 is the worst.
  7. Brian G Turner

    Wheel of Time TV series coming?

    After the recent Wheel of Time TV pilot fiasco, there's been an announcement from the Jordan estate that a TV series may now become a reality: Are publishers aiming for volume sales, rather than profit?
  8. L

    These gutters are killing me

    Half way through Lord of Chaos and I'm really struggling to read the thing because the printed font is so close to the margin. I'm reading the version with the illustrated front cover (white shirt) and I'm sure the other books didn't have this problem, but then I was reading a different print...
  9. KyleAW

    Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson

    Hi All, First thread here and I'm really interested in other peoples perceptions on the change of writing after the Robert Jordan passed away and his torch was passed to Brandon Sanderson. Did you keenly feel the change? Were you upset at the change of style or did you not notice? I thought it...
  10. M

    How are the 3 last novels of Wheel of Time compared to the rest?

    I read the first 2 but stopped some 50 pages into the 3rd book cause I couldn't take any more Robert Jordan. Apparently Brandon Sanderson wrote those and I loved Mistborn (and I like his writing style). Are these 3 novels different enough from the rest that I could enjoy them even if I hate the...
  11. Shams

    What hooked you on the Wheel of Time?

    I've always wanted to pick this series up, as I've read a lot of other similar literature since I as a child. But, when I tried to read it as a teenager, I didn't think the setting was original enough and opted for other works that drew less heavily from Tolkien. Given that it's so large, and...
  12. chongjasmine


    Were there any darkfriends among Two Rivers or the Ogier? That is something I am always curious about.
  13. Brian G Turner

    Wheel of Time TV pilot fiasco

    Apparently, Red Eagle Entertainment were about to lose the TV, film, and game rights for Wheel of Time. So, more or less on the day of expiry, they quietly paid for the placement of a "pilot" on late night cable TV (01:30am) - one that by all accounts they'd made over a couple of days, a couple...
  14. biodroid

    Now that you know...

    The series is finished, would you still recommend the Wheel of Time series even though there are 4-5 poorly written books that have almost no plot advancement to them? I am considering taking the plunge but have been put off because of the poor reviews of certain books especially Crossroads of...
  15. Brian G Turner

    Rand's origins?

    Potential spoilers here! In Eye of the World, I seemed to get the impression that Rand is significantly taller than anyone else in his village, and has much darker skin. I seem to recall wondering why no one ever seemed to consider this especially strange, especially Rand. Did I...
  16. kenpat

    The Wheel of Time Reread REDUX Begins on August 19th! have announced a further reread of WoT with Leigh Butler. The Wheel of Time Reread REDUX Begins on August 19th! | By coincidence I've just started my own reread of the last three books as I've only read them once. Just couldn't find another fantasy series that satisfies me...
  17. Brian G Turner

    New Wheel of Time covers announced

    I know the existing covers are a little minimal, but I can't help but look at these new ones, and wonder if I'm looking at books from the 1950's: The Wheel of Time - new UK covers etc...
  18. Tower75

    I've got Book One, should I take the plunge?

    Hi, all. I've always bumped into Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time books while out and about, and for the longest time they were a constant shelf of black spines which greeted me whenever I entered into the Fantasy/SciFi section of a book shop. I knew that the Wheel of Time was a "big deal"...
  19. E

    Towers of Midnight (Book 13) - Disussion Thread with SPOILERS

    So... *drumroll* Hoopy is on the second-last book. WHOA! Truly, I never thought you would reach this point, Hoops, after having such a shaky start, like everyone else did. I'm glad you made it! WoT fans feel like a big family that can reminisce over lost times. :D Anyway, I'm hoping...
  20. H

    The Gathering Storm (book 12) -- Discussion Thread with SPOILERS

    Genuinely couldn't remember the book title, then, I had to look it up! Is this the one that started with the farmer seeing the weird, moving storm? I think it must be...I've been on this book much longer than normal... poor Semirhage *weeps* She was wasted, she could have done so much...