Anybody out there that has read "Dreamcatcher"? (Stephen King)

hm... I haven't read Dreamcatcher. I'm thinking about it though. I've only read one Stephen King book before, can you believe it? I read Firestarter and I really liked it. I've seen a dozen of the movies based on his books but that doesn't really count ;)
Hi, I'm pretty new to this board and it has taken me a while to get to the 'book' section. (Got hung up in the Stargate pages !)

I am just about half way thru Dreamcatcher right now. To be honest I'm not entirely sure if I like it. I love SK, and am a real anorak when it comes to his books and I think that this one is very different. I know he has dealt with ET's b4, as in Tommyknockers, but at this point in the book, where the only one really left alive is Henry - Jonesy now being 'inhabited' by Mr Gray, i dunno.

I guess I'll keep on with it and see what happens in the end !

BTW, have you noticed that the accident Jonesy has is pretty much exactly what happened to SK a couple of years ago !

They always say you should write what you know, and he is very good at it !

For me, my all time fave SK book - The Stand - no hesitation, in its original 1970s format.

IT, comes a close second tho
This is my fav Stephen King book out of the few that I've read. there were many twists and turns in the story that threw me and I liked that. I loved all the characters and especially their relationship with Duddits (he was a sweety :D)
I am new here, and a very devoted SK fan. I read Dreamcatcher about two years ago, right before the movie came out. I rather enjoyed it, I liked some of the ideas in it, especially about the 'memory storage'. I also saw the flick, and liked the stuff that kept to the book, but was irritated when it digressed.


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