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Lament Du Lamia

Sweet Sacrilege
Oct 27, 2004
Forgive me if this is in the wrong place!

But has anybody ever read 'Fire Bringer' , by David Clement-Davies?

I know it's intended for younger readers but im curious as to whether or not somebody else decided to pick it up, and what they thought.

I remember i saw it a year or so ago and it looked interesting so i picked it up and read it. I was surprised, i really enjoyed it. >_< I've been meaning to read it again.
I've read quite a few books meant for young adults and enjoyed them no less for that. As a matter of fact it enables me to recommend and find good books for nieces and nephews and such. I'm trying to subvert their natural tendencies and get them to enjoy reading :D

However, I've not heard of that one so I may have to see if my library has it. They have a rather extensive kids section (as it should be) so they just might have it.

The only 'younger' books I've read recently that I completely couldn't get into was the Lemony Snicket books. I was really excited and then terribly disappointed. I've now heard they're going to be made into a movie. Bah. Make good books into movies, not dull ones! Oops, I'm so off topic here aren't I?
I'm sure i can forgive you this time ;) but watch yourself!

I've never heard of these Lemony Snicket books you talk about. Though i do have to admit I've always enjoyed the animorphs books. Though they can get a little cheesy sometimes :D.
Last 'kiddies' book that i picked up was the Amazing Maurice, love that cat and pratchet is always funny. I have no problem reading supposed childrens fiction, my local library classes LOTR as childrens fiction!
I'm furious at the moment that they've gone and made a movie of Five Children and It. I loved those!
I often read books meant for younger adults. It helps me pick out things that I want my own kids to read and, I'll be honest, I just love to read anyway. :D I haven't read this one but I'll put it on my list to pick up.

dwndrgn, I agree with you on Lemony Snicket. I couldn't even finish the first book. The movie previews don't even appeal to me.

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