Anybody read Robert Holdstock?


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May 10, 2004
The Road
Just stumbled across this fella on Amazon due to one of their better links. From what I have read there he sounds like he writes some very interesting stuff. Was hoping for some more reliable feedback from Chronicles people. :)
You're right, Lace, Rob's written some tremendous stuff. His Mythago Wood series is well worth checking out, as are such novels as The Fetch and his more recent series The Merlin Codex. All well worth a read. :)
He also has written some books as Tim Kirk those were the " Raven series" 6 in total all fantasy.
Lace old buddy, where have you been hiding?....:D

Victor Gollancz are currenty putting out omnibus editions of Holdstock's Mthago series. I've only got Mythago Wood but I have been thinking of getting this omnibus series. The first 2 (5-6 Mythago series books in total ? ) are out already with 2 more to go.

Hasta La Vista...:)
Hi mate. The plots all sound very interesting but I am interested to hear about his quality of writing.
Well Mythago wood is well written, that I can recommend to you but that's the only book of his I've read to date, hence my interet in collecting the omnibus editions. JD has read a fair bit of his stuff (surprised right?...;) ) so he'll no doubt be able to give you some good information.

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It's been some time since I last read anything by Holdstock, but yes, his writing is memorable and often quite powerful. It's the sort of thing you can go back to and find more levels to enjoy it on. I'd highly recommend his work....
Definitely a very strong writer. He's picked up several British Science Fiction Association Awards along the way, which means he's good enough to have a whole shedful of fans/readers vote for his work ahead of other authors'.

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