stephen king

  1. Pyan

    Stephen King's books, ranked.

    An interesting article ranking Stephen King's books, ranked #75 to #1, with a brief synopsis and comments. I'd lay bets you'll disagree...;) All 75 Stephen King Books, Ranked
  2. Victoria Silverwolf

    Writers referring to their own works in their fiction

    I happen to be reading Bright New Universe (1967) by Jack Williamson, and this bit of self-reference shows up in dialogue early in the novel. This is obviously a reference to Williamson's own novel The Humanoids. Ever see something like this elsewhere?
  3. AE35Unit

    Needful Things by Stephen King (1991)

    This is a re-read, I read it years ago but had forgotten a lot of it. Reading it again stuff started to come back, like revisiting an old friend you haven't seen for ages. This is quite a big book, 790 pages, but it just flows and before you know it you're halfway through. Its not that its easy...
  4. AE35Unit

    Pet Sematary by Stephen King (1982)

    I recently saw a movie based on this book, from 2019 I think, not having read it before, and to be honest, the film bears no relation to the events in the book! As for the book itself, it's strange, but not a lot actually happens in this book, its not what I imagined at all, but its so hard to...
  5. Danny McG

    New Book, The Institute

    The Institute, published 10th September! ....I got it this morning. I'm starting it right now. (Well actually about thirty minutes ago!) Gripping so far.
  6. Toby Frost

    Random thoughts on rewatching The Shining

    Spoilers follow 1) The man who speaks to Jack at the ball isn’t the same man described by Mr Ullmann at the interview near the start of the film. Ullmann calls him Charles Grady, and says that he was the caretaker. The man Jack meets is called Delbert Grady, and is dressed like a butler or...
  7. AE35Unit

    'Salem's Lot by Stephen King (1975)

    Yes another King book under my belt... I need to catch up you see, and I really do like a good horror story..this one doesn't dissapoint. Now most people's memory of 'Salem's Lot will be flavoured by the 70s TV series featuring David Soul as Ben Mears. Well I don't remember the series that well...
  8. AE35Unit

    IT by Stephen King (1986)

    First things first this is a big book, just over 1100 pages, and for years now this book has sat on the shelf taunting me, and I wanted to read it but it's size kept putting me off. I don't have a great deal of reading time so it just sat there, waiting. Recently I watched both versions of the...
  9. nixie

    Black House, Stephen King & Peter Straub

    Reading Black House, I am surprised with the amount of cross references there is too the Dark Tower. I know a lot of King's book do but this one is a collaboration with another author. I did struggle with the third person narrative at first, unusual as normally third person doesn't bother me...
  10. Lucien21

    IT -The Movie

    Love the book and the mini series so looking forward to this.
  11. Danny McG

    Secret Agency query

    Where else have I read this Stephen King creation? In the Firestarter the 'bad guys' are the dark and secret agency known as "THE SHOP" But somewhere, in a book by another author, there is an agency with the same name and the same nefarious values and intents. Anyone else got this faint...
  12. Danny McG

    The Stand book cover

    I fail to see the relevance to the story. Someone dressed like a Jedi is fighting what appears to be a villainous character from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  13. nixie

    Cell: the film

    Have just watched this but too many differences from the book to truly enjoy. Without giving spoilers for me it was how it started, Alice not having her baby bootees, the headmaster's fate, the dreams , the herding to the no phone zone, the ending, I could go on . Yes it was watchable but not a...
  14. David Drake

    Thoughts on tv adaption of The Mist.

    With casting news on The Mist I was wondering what everyones thoughts are on the series. For my part I hope its more Walking Dead rather than Under The Dome.
  15. Brian G Turner

    Dark Tower movie being made

    'The Dark Tower' rises: Stephen King confirms stars Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey
  16. Toby Frost

    'Salem's Lot by Stephen King

    There’s a moment in the second season of The Wire when a corrupt, but sympathetic, union boss despairingly exclaims “We used to make stuff in this country.” The same spirit of blue-collar decay runs through Stephen Kings 1975 novel, ‘Salem’s Lot. Technically, this is a vampire story: one of the...
  17. B

    Steven King Book(s) That You Like to see as an Ongoing Tv Series ?

    Under The Dome wasn't a bad show and sadly we'll never get to see what season 4 would have done with the concept. The Dead Zone was quite goos and Haven based on a story is quite an tv series. The Stand miniseries was goos as was IT . The Tommy knockers had some pretty good moments. So...
  18. Brian G Turner

    Stephen King vs Edgar Allan Poe

    Some of these Epic Rap Battles are quite funny. :)
  19. barrett1987

    Mr Mercedes

    Bought today, read first few chapters. Surprised its written in present tense. Enjoying it though.
  20. HareBrain

    Lecture on Dark Tower by King's assistant

    This might be worth keeping in mind if you're not far from Chichester, Sussex.