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that's a good idea...well...let's see....a good villian has to be somewhat mysterious I think...he needs to have motives that might not be evident...at least at the beginning...and he needs to be somewhat sympathetic I think...
all good villain qualities ---

unless of course you have a villain who's just plain evil - then you need none of that --- he just has to have his evil motives and his desire to succeed in his own plan (insert she/her wherever necessary as you choose)
yeah...I'm bad at created that type of villian...they are always way to one-dimensional as far as I'm concerned and I end up either rewriting it or scrapping the whole thing
ah - but therein lies the challenge --

writing an evil villain who isn't one-dimensional -- just b/c the villain is evil doesn't mean s/he has to be flat ----
Originally posted by Diamond9697
yeah...not like thier wasn't enough of those in the series...

no? flat characters in the series? wherever did you get an idea like that??? ;)
hehehe --

okay - so now that we know what the flat villains look like -- we can take steps to avoid creating such characters of our own --
okay - are there any non-flat characters? ie: are there and 'round' villains on Highlander???
well Duncan tended to kill them of to fast for them to really develop much depth. I think Kronos was fairly rounded for the amount of time given to him.
yeah - Kronos got a bit more -

Horton got some depth to him too -- (and he was so easy to hate! very well-done character!)

anyone else??

most of the baddies got a flashback and then <poof> they were gone --
yeah - he got a bit of bkgrnd - he lost a hand, then was in that flashback later -- in the desert --

that thing w Hamza el Kahir (think that was his name)
Kalas was a bit rounded as well I think...most that had more than one eppy had at least some background and personality
looks that way - yes --

tho - they could have done more w/ some of the single episode characters ---
of course not - that would require attention to be taken away from Duncan -- so the k'immies couldn't be more developed --

ya know - i GOOD writer can develop a single episode character in the 1st 15 mins of the show and STILL kill the guy and make the viewers believe it ---

Highlander lost all it's good writers after season 2, i think - 'cept for whomever was in charge of the 'Methos-centered' eps - ie: Methos, Timeless, The 2 Horsemen eps -
Was watching Forever Knight - and realized that Garrain Wyn-Davies had so much more room for his character on HL than he does on FK (either that or the writers slacked off in S3 of FK) --

Quentin Barnes / Michael (his last name just slipped my mind as I was trying to type it) was much more interesting than Nick Knight - or at least the Nick from S3 FK --

Quentin/Michael was an interesting character - yeah - he had that whole 'dual personality thing' going for him, but only the audience knew, for most of the episode, that they were the same guy ---

tho - I'm not always sure how some of these characters miss stuff like that---- but - anyway --- (suspension of disbelief I guess)

Quentin was just an unusual 'k'immie' --
Have you ever realized that almost all the villains' names start with K ?
I don't think that's coincidence, it looks more like a inside joke. Does maybe the producer's name or the name of any of the other bosses start with a K??

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