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Highlander II

There can be only one!!
Jun 6, 2001
No - really - they are working on this.

I read in Dreamwatch magazine that David Abramowitz has been asked to write the story for it and it should begin production this spring.

It's supposed to involve 5 different characters and expand the Highlander mythology.

What exactly that means and who will be a part of it, I don't know, there wasn't that much detail in the little snippet.

However - since it's supposed to begin production in the spring, this puppy might get off the ground!

The little article also mentioned that the 'producers' are still working on Movie 5 - "The Source" - still not holding out much hope for that, I'm open-minded, but I'm not gonna let my brain fall out thinking movie 5 is gonna be any better than movie 4...
Nope - nothing since late Feb, early March --

dunno what they're doing with it - it's not even been added to anything on IMDB.com --(not that they're terribly reliable, but still)

just did a quick search - and everything is from earlier this year --
Oh well, I hope they come with it sooner or later, it looks maybe later. I hope it doesn't become one of that ideas that never come to be. :( I was just hoping to see something new Highlander related, I guess I will have to continue reliving it with the dvds. :D

Krystal :rain:
I think this miniseries idea got tanked long ago...

just like several others they had planned.
Which is actually good since most of them has sucked and ruined the name of the original movie.
Man, Highlander is dead in the water.

I don't usually agree with Connavar, but this time, i can't possibly disagree. there seems to be a lot of stuff going around about Highlander lately, but the sub forum here is really just -- dead in the water, i guess.
Just wish they would leave it well alone. The first movie was great and remains to be one of my fave's regardless of the tripe that followed in it's wake, I don't have high hopes for the new series or film. You would of thought the industry could come up with something new for a change instead of trying to flog the same dead horse over and over again.
They only keep flogging b/c Adrian Paul needs something to do.

And if "The Source" is any indication - he's not even good at being Duncan anymore.

The anime/animated one they did was better than "The Source"
I'd like a moment for rebuttal!:D Highlander was and is still my favorite show. I wish they could come up with something new and good for it.

Raven sucked and I think other than the movies that is what started it going downhill.

Mcleod wasn't supposed to him self in The Source that was the whole point. I didn't like it either but I realized that perspective.

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