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okay - changing direction here -- is there an actual correlation (forget what they said in Endgame b/c that was irrelevant - bad plot device - anyway)-- btwn the number of heads taken by an immie and the 'size' of his/her power?? *OR* is it the 'quality' of the quickening???

ie: if Connor whacks some really old dude - The Kurgan - does he get a 'better'/stronger quickening than if he were to whack Richie??

or if Connor kills 100 immies and Duncan kills 100 immies they're at the same 'power' level b/c they have killed the same # of immies??

i know - what a great question----

Okay...I always thought that the strentgth of a quickening would depend on both how strong the immprtal was and thier age...since the older you were chances are the more heads you've taken. SO if Connor were to whack The Kurgan he would get a more powerful quickening than if he whacked Richie because 1. Richie hasn't been around very long and 2. He hasn't taken that many head yet. Now if someone were to take a bunch of quickenings from a bunch of young imortals it would add up over time, but one quickening from an older more experienced immortal should dtill be more powerful...if that makes any sense...
well - that's what i was thinking too - but it's not what they said in Endgame (which is i why i said ignore it for the purposes of my question)

big powerful immie quickening = big powerful transfer

b/c they say that the quickening is basically the 'essence' of the immie -- if Methos takes a head he gets the 'knowledge and strength' (Duncan's words - Free Fall) of that immie - so, that would mean that the quickening of a really old immie would be more 'powerful' than that of a really young immie - knowledge and stregth would be greater based on experience ---

(am i rambling yet?)
well i have the advantage of not having seen Endgame so I dont know what they said there.. but i always got the impresssion that it was different strength quickenings from diff immies. So getting Kurgan is a more powerful quickening then getting Ritchie (ie Kurgan was the most powerful of immies which is why Conner got a super-quickening from him in H-I ;))
So a immie who had taken the heads of older immies who themselves have taken lots of heads, gives a big power and experience boost to the taker.

As for Conner vs Duncan's strengths (again ignoring what happened in Endgame) Conner has Kurgan, and therfore Ramirez, also dude from planet Ziest and the sorcerer dude from HIII. Duncan has Kronos, Kalas and hundreds of others, so they must be pretty even...
and remember -- we don't have all the info on Connor's past - we have NO idea how many he's killed since 1536 -- there are 400 years worth of heads in there ---

and Connor should have had Slan Quince's head - but the writers made him wimpy and he couldn't do it ----

oh - and Connor is SO not dead!!!!
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yeah no way. :mad:


hmmmm ---

anything else from the series we can discuss???

hmmm -- how many women did Duncan sleep with starting in season 3?? (b/c in 1 and 2, well, it's just Tessa mostly)
well - Amanda showed up for the first time in Season 1, then she had an ep in season 2 shortly after Tessa died --- then a couple more --

oh - and this was a discussion question, b/c i have NO idea how many women there were ---

i know Michelle Webster tried, and there was Ceirdwyn, whom we don't know much about, so i don't know if she was a lover of Duncan's or not ----

ummmmmm --- anyone else in season 3????
I'm not sure who all Duncam slept with...all I know is it was a whole lot of em...and I find this quite amusing in that you are talking about this in the villians thread :D
well - i guess they kinda are villains ---

we could start a 'Duncan's Women' thread -----
yeah- i know ---

but some guys might be interested --

anyway --

villains --


anyone else find it's harder to create villains that it is to create good guys??

my k'immies usually end up being kinda wimpy or over-bearing - don't really know why tho ----
yeah...villians are a pain to create...mine are always so melodramatic...but I'm working on that...and the ones I'm using in my newest story already have established personalities so it's a little easier
well, yes, the pre-established baddies are easier to work with -- and i still can't understand why my baddies always end up kinda weird/wussy -- dunno - they need to be strong --

someone once told me the key to writing a good k'immie was being able to kill him --- and i can see that - it's hard to let go of a really great character -- probably why the nameless ensigns on Star Trek die on the away missions -- no charcter development involved ---
that's true...I always end up liking my villians and then have a hard time killing them off...maybe that's why I don't ever finish a story *shrugs* guess I'm not the bad boy defender for nothing
well, like for Toronto Jarod - i created a baddie, and i didn't really have a problem killing him -- he was mean, but not very strong - he was more like Mr. Raines - kinda psychological power, not physical power --- of course, that story turned into more of a spoof, so my baddie could be a bit more hokey, i guess --

i'm better at writing the pre-established characters anyway -

i'm pretty good w/ Mr. Lyle from the Pretender, and i can do Kronos -- but making up my own bad guy? not so good at that ---

takes practice i guess ---- maybe someday ----
not as far as fic is concerned...I have yet to reach that fabled place...you know...."someday" I'll finish this story....or "someday" I'll figure out where I'm going with this.....that type of thing
ah -- so we are travelling the same road? the road to 'someday' -

let me know when we get there!!

i still need to work on my villain creation ---

perhaps we should work on that here? how to create a good villain ------

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