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Jun 6, 2001
Okay - since i finished the season 1 reviews, guess it's time to set up a thread for the season 2 reviews --

here's a list of the episodes from season 2:

The Watchers
Studies in Light
The Darkness
Eye for an Eye
The Zone
The Return of Amanda
Revenge of the Sword
Run for Your Life
Epitah for Tommy
Bless the Ghild
The Fighter
Under Color of Authority
Unholy Alliance (1)
Unholy Alliance (2)
The Vampire
Pharaoh's Daughter
Prodigal Son
Counterfeit (1)
Counterfeit (2)

i'll post reviews a bit later - hands kinda sore after working "The Hunters" -
i'm gonna start working on these again -- promise!

but - if anyone wishes to comment - please! feel free!
The Watchers

The Watchers (ep 1 of season 2)

Duncan's hair has grown out enough that he doesn't need the fake ponytail anymore.

Duncan is "obsessed" over Darius' death - he's acting different.

He and Richie are sitting in a club/bar discussing the Chronicle left in Darius' church.

Duncan, Richie, and Tessa all go back to Seacouver and Duncan tries to track down the meaning/location 27NJS. He tracks it to Joe's bookstore, but doesn't learn much about the book. He bumps into some guys doing surveilance, then Joe shows up to explain some things.

Tessa and Richie are unloading the moving truck and Tessa sees someone watching them.

Joe explains about the Watchers - they observe and record, but don't interfere, and that the Watchers want to preserve history, the truth about immortals. He shows Duncan a 'collection' of sorts - Caleb Cole's axe and the like (ties in some season 1 episodes). Joe says he's been tracking Duncan for 15 years. And, Ducnan isn't very trusting of Joe and his explanations.

Tessa and Richie block in the 'Hunter/Watchers' and drive off and say they need to warn Duncan, but they don't know where he is.

Duncan returns to store, finds T and R gone, but a couple goons instead. He beats them up and tosses one through a window: "Oh great, another window." (ref to 1st ep - "The Gathering")

Duncan follows Joe to the 'graduation party' Lynn's dad is throwing. Lynn's fiance decides he doesn't want to 'watch' anymore and Horton pushes him off the balcony.

**How did the Watchers begin? What happens if someone wants to leave the Watchers? Do they really just kill them? Or do they have some other means of 'extraction'?**

(just some questions that popped into my head when i was watching.)

Duncan confronts Joe; he wants to know where Tessa is, and tells Joe that Horton is responsible for Darius' death.

Horton comforts Lynn about her fiance's death.
Horton and Duncan agree to meet.
Joe shows at the rendezvous and says that Duncan's not coming, tries to convince Horton that all immortals aren't evil.
Lynn begs Duncan not to kill her father; Horton shoots Duncan and Duncan stabs Horton.

Duncan goes to Joe's bookstore and finds the 'collection' room empty and no files left on the computer.

All in all - not a bad episode. It opens up a lot of avenues for plot development, and leaves a lot of questions (the ones listed above). I'm not sure exactly where to place this one on the scale. It's a pretty good episode, and draws you in w/ this new 'Watcher' angle, but maybe there was just something missing.
Studies in Light

Gregor, a photographer, seems to be having a mid-life crisis - having mortals engage in wreckless stunts, photographing strange 'dark' things.

Duncan, Tess, and Richie go to Gregor's show, and Duncan sees Linda Plager again. While looking at some of the photos, Duncan remembers when he 1st met Linda Plager ---

**Flashback** - Duncan runs into a burning bldg to save a child and Plager photographs him; he tries to tell her she can change her life/views - shoot 'hope or despair', etc. (boy-scout Duncan here)

Linda is dying and Duncan wants to talk to her, has to tell her something-- that he's her long-lost benefactor-- so he goes to see her in the hospital.

**Flashback** - to a scene where Linda tells Duncan 'it's over' - she says she can't handle having Duncan around and her work at the same time - so he leaves.

Tessa asks Duncan why he never told Linda about being immortal. Not sure if Duncan really gives her an answer to this or not.

Tessa asks about Gregor b/c his behavior is odd. Gregor was a wonderful photographer - actually still is, his material is just much darker now.

Richie goes to hang w/ Gregor and play some of Gregor's games. Richie makes it across the large gap over the docks on his bike, but ends up w/ some scratches.

Duncan and Gregor have a discussion about life.

**Flashback** - Civil War (?) Gregor's a doctor and is accused of killing a man's son; he's shot by the father and Duncan takes him out into the woods where no one will see him revive, and Duncan tells Gregor that he can't 'do this anymore' - guessing he means be a doctor - at least not where they are, and not for the army.

Gregor is looking at his slides, holding an Al-Mar folding knife - about a 5" blade - then uses the knife to slash his movie screen. He then breaks into the show (photo show), after hours, and vandalizes the photos and the set-up. He then goes to the antique store to see Duncan; he's kinda edgy and breaks a display case. He talks to Richie and scares the kid, then says that he feels nothing, and he doesn't know how to 'feel'.

Gregor goes to hospital and says that he feels nothing. Duncan tells him 'it has to end', and Gregor says that he's having a good time.

So, the 2 fight and Duncan gives Gregor a choice - die or change - but that he couldn't go on living the way he is now. Duncan slams his sword like he's going to kill Gregor, but doesn't and somehow this scares Gregor 'straight'.

Duncan goes back to talk to Linda and tells her that he is the Duncan MacLeod she met years ago, and tells her that he's proud of her. She holds his hdan and fades away.

Personally, I like this episode. I like the Linda Plager story. The only thing that gets me about this whole thing is Gregor being 'scared straight' b/c Duncan acted like he was going to kill him. Somehow I just don't think that would convince someone like Gregor. But Duncan all nice and honest with Linda and telling her he was proud and that whole scene in the hospital was very well done. (See, sometimes I do like Duncan) Wish they would have done more like this.
I gotta dig my reviews out again - it's been too long. Lemme find 'em and I'll have a new one for you soon!
okay - now I KNOW it's been too long --

RL and ficcing got in the way - and I haven't done a review in a long time --

hmmmm -- must get reviews out and post one!!
Wow! Almost a year -- must have been spending a LONG time digging those reviews up, huh?

Actually - I *did* find 'em the other day when I was cleaning - so, maybe I'll drag one to the computer and type it up ---
Random note --

I liked "Studies in Light". *snoogles Gregor, he needs 'em*

Anyway, you better get a move on h2, we're into season three! LOL

yeah - that may be -- but I'm not home when it's on on TNN - so, gotta watch my tapes -

I have notes for a few more S2 eps - I just have to get them up here ----

I know where they are though!!

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