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  1. rune

    The Chosen One

    Just finished this book - This finally book in the series pulls together a few storylines. Bek and is friends are heading back to Mantor after the escape from Shandar. Calvyn, is travelling with the Magicians and Jenna, also on his way to Mantor in the hopes of meeting up with Perdimonn...
  2. rune

    First Sword

    I'm half way through this book so far :) Must say I thought the beginning of this book was the best so far too. Parts of this story does remind me of Gladiator :)
  3. rune

    Trail of the Huntress

    2nd book in the Darkwaver Legacy The story starts were the first one left off, with the defeat of Demar's Nomads at Mantor. During the questioning of Demar by the King, news of the Shandese attacking outposts gets through and Calvyn and Jenna are engulfed in fighting again. When Calvyn is...
  4. rune

    The Forging of the Sword

    My initial Review - A story which introduces the reader to Calvyn, a teenager from a farming community who through chance meeting and tragedy embarks on a journey with a mysterious old man, Perdimonn. I felt this first book mostly involved Calvyn growth and choices. The relationship between...
  5. Mark Robson

    Me, me, me!

    I'm Mark, I'm a pilot who started to write Whilst stuck in the Falklands one dark, dirty night. I'm tall and I'm slim with my hair cut quite short. I guess that's because I'm the milit'ry sort! I'm married with children, a boy and a girl. The tales of their antics would make your toes curl...
  6. Rane Longfox


    You know I was talking about an author who came to my school to do a talk recently? Well, apparently we're looking for more authors to do the same. I'm not sure if its quite your thing, as its a higher, and wider, age-group than what you were talking about before (anything from 11-17). And just...
  7. Mark Robson

    Signing Events.

    Events in the next few weeks: WH Smith Cheltenham: All day Saturday 12th March 2005. WH Smith Bristol (Cripps Causeway): 10am - 4pm 29th and 30th March 2005. If anyone lives locally to either of these venues, I would be delighted to see you there. :)
  8. Mark Robson

    Ask the Author

    I thought I'd start this thread to answer any questions that readers of my work might have. I'll start by answering the one question that everyone is emailing me with at the moment - are there going to be any more books in The Darkweaver Legacy series? The answer is no. I do not plan any more...
  9. Mark Robson

    Mark Robson books

    Re: Who has a book? All of the information that you require about my existing 4 books are available on my website Brian. However, as I'm never one to miss the opportunity for a spot of publicity, I'll post a few details here: The Darkweaver Legacy (New review just...
  10. dwndrgn

    The Darkweaver Legacy by Mark Robson

    The Darkweaver Legacy by Mark Robson Book 1: The Forging of the Sword Book 2: Trail of the Huntress Book 3: First Sword Book 4: The Chosen One While the series is made up of four books so far, with hints that there may be more, my review is based upon all four books taken together as a whole...
  11. Mark Robson

    The Highlight Urpen Diaries

    Day 1 - 0026 Was very rudely evicted from my home at a most ungodly hour. There I was, warm and snuggled up in my nice little apartment when the landlady decided to throw me out... well, squeeze me out would probably be a better description. Actually, it took her a goodly long while to push...
  12. Mark Robson

    Dawn Dragon - the whole Prologue

    Well, this is it. I'm not going to post any more of this story on the forum, as I've decided that I've got enough material from writing this little piece to write a novel, and maybe even a series of novels. I'm going to try to write the rest of the book in parallel with 'Imperial Assassin', the...
  13. Mark Robson

    Humbled by an 11 year old!

    I thought you might be amused by this. I was in Cheltenham yesterday doing creative writing workshops with several groups of children from a Junior College. The theme of the workshop was 'How to start a story effectively'. I'm not going to post the entire workshop here, but suffice it to say...
  14. Mark Robson

    Dawn Dragon - Part 3

    I won't post the previous bits here - you can go look at them in past posts if you wish to read them in sequence. Hope you all continue to enjoy this... Once he had taken the first two or three reluctant steps forward, Elian began to feel as if he had lost control of his feet. A...
  15. Mark Robson

    Hey, I'm famous... well, no - not really.

    Have just seen the latest edition of Writers magazine and I'm in it! Good grief, does this mean I've arrived... well, maybe not. I did an interview some time ago now and when it didn't come up in the next couple of issues I assumed that it had been binned. Then up it popped! It's already...
  16. Mark Robson

    Dawn Dragon - Part 2

    First, a recap: The story continues: The dawn dragon’s head suddenly became still, its eyes fixed on a point further down the valley. Had it spotted prey? Elian risked raising his head slightly to see if he could pick out what the dragon was looking at, but whatever it had spotted appeared...
  17. Mark Robson

    Dawn Dragon

    I thought at least one of the regulars might like this... Elian dropped to his hands and knees to crawl the last few feet. His heart raced as he neared the crest of the ridge, for he was sure that the sounds he had heard during his climb would prove his suspicions correct. There had been...
  18. Mark Robson

    Book Deal

    As promised in the Olde Tea and Coffee Shop thread, a bit more information on the deal I've just been offered, and a bit of the background. I've pretty much laid down the terms offered for my books in the other thread, but it may interest some of the other aspiring writers here as to how I was...