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    The Devil's Triangle: Convergence

    The final book of the Devil's Triangle trilogy is available on Kindle through Amazon uk here: Convergence (The Devil's Triangle Book 3) eBook: Mark Robson: Kindle Store If you've not read Books 1 & 2 then it isn't likely to make a huge amount of sense! :-) This is very much a...
  2. Mark Robson

    Changing the Pace

    I must admit to having drifted away from spending time on the internet over the past few years. This has been for a variety of reasons, but mainly to allow me to give more time doing things in the physical world. My writing has slowed, but not stopped. I have now completed the Devil's...
  3. T

    A question about Dragon Orb

    I have to say I loved these books, just wondering what the font and font size was?
  4. Brian G Turner

    Mark Robson writing workshops

    Good to see Mark spotted in the wild, this time working with Year 8 students on a writing workshop:
  5. Mark Robson

    Eye of the Storm

    Coming in just 3 weeks' time - the second title in my Devil's Triangle sequence. Where the first book was a bit slow to get going, this one sets a blistering pace. I hope you will try it, even if you haven't read the first! I'm chuffed to bits with this story.
  6. Mark Robson

    Now on Twitter

    You can follow me: @mrobsonauthor Quite why you would want to follow me (unless you're an habitual stalker, a sheep or a lemming) I'm not really sure. However, I'm trying to embrace the modern social networking thing, so there it is.
  7. Mark Robson

    Putting on my travelling boots!

    Although I've been racing around the UK like the proverbial blue-arsed fly recently, I'm going to have to get my travelling boots out in the New Year. January will see me off to Istanbul for a week, speaking in one of the big International Schools there. Then it's off to Thailand on holiday...
  8. J

    hello mark

    Hello mark I am a big fan of the dragon orb series it was very exciting to read my favorite was aroura dragon orb. The battle between all of the enclaves at the end, also when segun and pell having the sword fight at the bottom of the oracles cave. The whole series was really gripping and I...
  9. J


    Hello I'm new here :)
  10. Mark Robson

    Anyone for Tennis?

    The Dream Team mini-league is back for Wimbledon this year. I've set up a Trapped by Monsters mini-league for anyone who want's to try to win a free book. All you have to do is pick a team that beats mine. Shouldn't be difficult. For details on how to enter a team, see...
  11. Mark Robson

    A new interview with Yours Truly!

    A recent interview swap with MG Harris raised some interesting questions. If you want to see what I was asked, you can find out here: Worlds Collide: Dark Parallel meets The Devil’s Triangle|The MG Harris Blog
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    For any who are interested, a couple of interviews have been posted up on Utube. One is a general interview and the other is one specifically about The Devil's Triangle. You can find them here:
  13. Mark Robson

    And the Winners Are...

    Pyan, LittleMissAttitude and PhiloSCIFI. Congratulations. :D I will PM each of you shortly to ask for an address to send your books to. I hope the rest of you will keep an eye open for The Devil's Triangle whenever you're out and about in bookshops. (My aupair drew the names out of...
  14. Mark Robson

    The Devil's Triangle - Advance Copies Giveaway!

    I would like 3 lucky members of Chrons to be among the very first people to get copies of my new novel - The Devil's Triangle. If you would like to be one of the very first to read it (not due to be published until 1 April 2011) then simply add a post to this thread saying "I want to win" and...
  15. S

    school speaks

    i enjoyed the speak you gave to emmbrook school, as i'm thinking to join the RAF, and it made me even more convinced to join when im a bit older.
  16. Mark Robson

    What are Amazon up to?

    Not sure what's going on, but seem to be doing their own launch of Dragon Orb! According to them, Firestorm launched in July this year, with Shadow due in December, Longfang in January next year and Aurora due in March. Strangely all four books are also shown as already 'in stock'...
  17. T

    I Have a Question... :)

    I'm Italian and i read the first and second book of Imperial Trilogy.... Amazing!!! But in italy the third isn't in the store or library... How i must wait for have the book in italian? Thanks for the answer and sorry for my english :)
  18. Mark Robson

    At a guess...

    It seems these days that when people describe books, they rarely say 'Wow, this is totally original! I can't think of anything to compare it to.' Most of my favourite books of recent years remind me of something else that I've read or seen before. The Hunger Games reminded me of The Running Man...
  19. Mark Robson

    Coming April 2011 - The Devil's Triangle

    First draft blurb reads: The Bermuda Triangle has cast a shadow over Sam and Niamh Cutler since their mother vanished nine years ago. Every year they return to the Florida Keys with their father, Matt, who is obsessed with solving the haunting mystery. But Sam is bored with lazing around by...
  20. Mark Robson

    Film Interest

    A question I'm often asked is if my books are ever going to be made into films. The truth is: I have no idea! However, for those 'die hard' fans who keep raising the question, there might be a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. I was recently talking to a very influential film...