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  1. C

    Dune ... Interplanetary combat.

    I saw the re-make of Dune last year. When Harkonens invade Dune I saw something was off: there were no planetary defense platforms, and I don't recall any being mentioned on the book either. Having orbital platforms seems the most obvious way to defend from an invasion, even if all combat has...
  2. J-Sun

    Favorite Frank Herbert Books?

    I can't believe a poll like this hasn't been done before, but I couldn't find one after a quick search. This poll lists all his novels except collaborations and posthumous books and all his collections which appeared in both the US and UK prior to his death. All are SF novels unless otherwise...
  3. J-WO

    Possible Hole In Dune's Plot/World-building

    ...and I'm happy to be corrected. The thought just popped in my head after I saw the new movie again the other day. In the novel I recall the fremen are happy to sacrifice themselves as individuals if it'll wipe out a load of Harkonnen enemies. I also recall that lasers aren't used all that...
  4. Elckerlyc

    Dune - Preferable edition?

    My 1974 paperback copy of Dune is falling apart. Total disintegration is imminent. I need a new copy, because life without Dune on my bookshelf is unthinkable. Unimaginable. Unbearable. My old copy - what is left of it - is in Dutch. However, I decided that my new copy should be in English. But...
  5. BigHappy

    What is so good about Dune?

    When hearing that Dune is labelled as the best science fiction book of all time, I immediately started reading it, expecting it to be brilliant from what I’ve read in reviews. But I’m about 400 pages in and struggle to see why people like this book so much, and what makes it one of the best...
  6. Toby Frost

    References in Dune?

    Three random thoughts: Firstly, Melange is a spice that prolongs life. A "melange" is a blend or variety of other things. So, is Herbert making a pun on variety being the spice of life? Secondly, in his role as desert prophet, Paul surprises his enemies by blowing up a mountain and attacking...
  7. B

    Isaac Asimov or Frank Herbert, Who is Greater?

    Which then is the greater in terms of their impact and influence upon Science fiction not only literature but all other mediums as well. Foundation or Dune ?:) And which of them do you think , is the better overall writer?:) Thoughts ?
  8. Vince W

    Frank Herbert by Timothy O'Reilly

    I'm surprised (especially in myself) this hasn't been mentioned already, but Timothy O'Reilly (yes that Tim O'Reilly) wrote a biography of Frank Herbert that was published in 1981 by Frederick Ungar Publishing Co., Inc. as part of their Ungar's Recognitions series. This is no critical biography...
  9. Vince W

    Dune Film/TV Comeback

    Legendary films has acquired the rights to Dune. Legendary Entertainment Acquires Rights to Frank Herbert’s Classic Sci-Fi Novel Dune | Legendary Could a new Dune adaptation be in our foreseeable future?
  10. Stephen Palmer

    Amazing Dune art...

    Check out these wonderful envisionings of Dune…
  11. Vince W

    Guardian Article on Dune's 50th Anniversary

    I don't know how I missed this: Dune deserves more attention on it's 50th than it seems to be getting.
  12. Brian G Turner

    Dune series: worth reading?

    I really love Frank Herbert's Dune, but for some reason I've never really felt tempted to read the rest of the series. Dune felt like a complete novel in its own way, so I guess I have a stubborn resistance to continuing, in case it upsets my view of the first book. Now I wonder if I'm just...
  13. SpanishMill

    Dune, book editions

    I need some help identifying the pub date of my "Book Club Edition". There is a gutter code "T16" and the only sources for gutter codes I have been able to find online are for mostly doubleday publising... which if I follow that table, T16 translates to April 1978. Is this correct??? Some pics...
  14. TL Rese

    new frank herbert novel

    over the wkend, i saw this on kevin j. anderson's blog and wasn't quite sure what to make of it: so thought i'd post this thread to see if i could get some answers. apparently, one of frank herbert's bottom-drawer novels, "high-opp", is now being...
  15. P

    What is the Golden Path?

    Hoping this isn’t a redundant thread, but just what is the Golden Path? Children of Dune seemed so pregnant with mystery and hidden secrets to me, with this ominous (not Omnious, hehe), great, nebulous Golden Path that only Leto can see. But when I finished GodEmp, I was confused as to what...
  16. C

    The White Plague

    Anyone read this book? It's not really sci-fi/fan in the sense that it takes place on earth and everything that occurs is entirely possible but its got to be my favourite FH book by far/ The basic premise is that a microbiologist who's wife and children were killed in a terrorist bombing in...
  17. Omphalos

    Search for an actual author

    Hi all, One of the things I've done as a hobby over the past few years is to put together and maintain a bibliography of Dune related items. The main list can be found HERE. One of the items on that list is a book that was supposed to have been written by a guy named Harold Lee Prosser. The...
  18. A

    Winds of Dune (Caution! contains series spoilers)

    The Winds of Dune, by Brian Herbert and Kevin Anderson This is the latest in the Dune series, which has gotten quite prolific - perhaps a never-ending franchise. Brian, of course, is the son of the late Frank Herbert, writing in association with author Kevin Anderson, equally prolific. This...
  19. biodroid

    New Dune Movie?

    Can it be true? Dune (2010) Peter Berg did Hancock and The Kingdom and they were both good. Lots of thrills and spills and decent character development IMHO.
  20. MontyCircus

    Dune by Frank Herbert

    As the cover humbly notes, it is "Science Fiction's Supreme Masterpiece", and on the back that it is "undoubtedly the grandest epic in science fiction". As the back cover blurb further informs me, it won the first Nebula Award and shared the Hugo Award. Wow. So as someone interested in...