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  1. stirdgit

    Dune and science fiction

    I am new to this site so I may have missed it but are there any Dune fans out there? In my opinion Dune is the single most imaginative and compelling work ever conceived. I was just wondering what everyone else thought?
  2. Princess Ivy


    OK, I got interested in this from this board. I watched some of the children of Dune miniseries (although missed gaping holes of it) and eventually got the film. Although I enjoyed it, I couldn't help but wonder about a lot of things. Yesterday I bought the book. I'm now halfway through the...
  3. T

    children of dune

    i see that the sci-fi channel in the uk is going to be showing children of dune (next monday, i seem to remember)... for those in the world who have probably seen it already... is it as good as dune, as bad as dune, better or worse than dune??? personally, i've never read the books and my...
  4. E

    Anyone wanting to read Dune prequels?

    Well, when I heard about the Dune prequels I was very excited. Being a huge Dune fan, I could hardly wait to read them. Unfortunately, I was broke at the time and didn't get around to buying any until The Butlarian Jihad. Well, I read it. Part of it. The point of this post is to offer a...
  5. Foxbat

    Attention Dune Fans

    The final part of the second prequel trilogy (Battle of Corrin) is published shortly. After that, messrs B. Herebert and Anderson will start work on the two final novels in the Dune series (working titles: Hunters of Dune & Sandworms of Dune). These two final works continue from the cliffhanger...
  6. Foxbat

    Herbert's other stuff

    Just wondering if there are any people out there who have tried some of Frank Herbert's other stories (other than Dune). Here's some I've tried: Whipping Star - a strange story about the torture of a sentient being that could lead to the end of the Universe. The Green Brain: One of the most...
  7. Brian G Turner

    Dune: use of conflict

    Reading Dune again this year it's remarkable how much of the extra detail really stands out. The first time I read it was in my teens, the second time was last year, when looking for a commercial model to emulate for my own writing, so it was as much research of the style: use of Point of View...
  8. L


    I read Dune for the first time this week and loved it. While Herbert's writing isn't the best I've seen, he is good. His characters were memorable, and he wove an amazing plot. I loved reading about the Femen culture.
  9. Dave

    Herbert, Frank: The Dosadi Experiment

    What did you think of this? It's a long time since I read it, but I ask because I remember being very disappointed in it. I'd liked the 'Dune' trilogy, so I thought this would be the same, but I just didn't rate it much. Anyone disagree? Tell me why? If you haven't read it, this is...
  10. Foxbat

    Dune prequel.

    I'm a lover of all things Dune...including the prequels. I don't think they are quite up to the standard of Dune or God Emperor (definitely my two favourites in the series) but are a good read nonetheless. Anyway, to the point of this post: In case anybody is curious, the release date for the...
  11. T

    Herbert, Frank: How do the newer Dune series books compare with the Originals?

    How do the newer Dune series books compare with the Originals? I am a big fan of the original Dune books - I think the first one is the book that I have read most often - and I re-read books a lot I haven't read any of the more recent Dune books - but I was wondering if anyone that has...
  12. T

    How does the Dune mini- compare with the movie?

    I really enjoyed the Dune mini-series, it felt very close to the book. And while I did like the 1984 movie (medium to big David Lynch fan here), you can't really say that it was very true to Frank Herbert's original ideas. Any thoughts, comments?
  13. E

    Herbert, Frank: The Dune Series - which has been the best?

    The Dune Series - which has been the best? In your opinion, which has been the best book in the series and why. (I'm including the books by Brian Herbert here as I feel they are valid.) Personally, I still like the original the most... but this is mainly because, for me, it's the most...