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  1. Mike J Nagle

    David Weber's Honorverse Reading-Order Flowchart

    Back in 1994 or 1995, I was at a bookstore looking for something new, and I bought The Short Victorious War by David Weber. At the time, I already knew David Weber from his "Dahak" stories, so I anticipated a good read. The Short Victorious War was actually the third novel in the Honor...
  2. Vertigo

    Uncompromising Honor by David Weber

    In my notes on “A Rising Thunder,” the volume preceding this one, I stated “I felt Weber had regained his knack for wrapping most of his info-dumping up in good little action scenes.” Well I guess that proved to be too much bother for him. In this final (I hope) episode of the battle with the...
  3. Parson

    Uncompromising Honor: The Best Honor Harrington Book? (No Spoilers)

    Uncompromising Honor: The Best Honor Harrington Book? David Weber’s Uncompromising Honor is the best Honor Harrington book in twenty years. It is possibly the best Honor Harrington book of all. Personally, I would still favor the original four, Honor Harrington on Basilisk Station, For the...
  4. Vertigo

    At the Sign of Triumph by David Weber

    At the Sign of Triumph is the ninth book in the Safehold series and, with each book a seriously weighty doorstop, that represents a truly massive word count. And that per book word count has increased, as far as I can see, more or less in line with the series’ popularity and Weber’s own ascent...
  5. Parson

    Weberverse & Honor Harrington Movie

    In the last couple of weeks I've run across the Youtube series of videos with David Weber being interviewed on a lot of different topics. If you know Weber you know that not only does he like to write long books he can also ramble on and on. But on the whole I've found them interesting. Here's...
  6. Vertigo

    Weber interview about Safehold

    I just came across this video interview with Weber on Safehold. Actually it's not really an interview; it's a monologue from Weber with the interviewer just listening (why doesn't that surprise me :D) A couple of key points around the 15:55 mark are of interest: "At the Sign of Triumph is not...
  7. Vertigo

    Shadow of Victory by David Weber

    It’s interesting how since the first Honor Harrington book – On Basilisk Station – Weber’s writing has morphed from military adventure SF to political SF. There is nothing inherently wrong with such a transformation except possibly that he was much better at writing the former and, whilst he was...
  8. Parson

    Shadow of Victory

    Well, I can't believe it but I am finally going to start to read this book. That I've had it for weeks and weeks and haven't opened it yet must mean that I'm afraid David Weber has lost some of his mojo for me. I'll try to post how I'm feeling about the book at somewhat regular periods of time...
  9. Vertigo

    Hell's Foundations Quiver

    Hell’s Foundations Quiver continues the story of Safehold as the two ‘picas,’ Merlin and Nimue, assist the Charisian Empire in its struggle against the corrupt Church of God Awaiting. After barely surviving the initial land assault by the Temple armies in the previous book the Charisian forces...
  10. Vertigo

    Like a Mighty Army By David Weber

    For me at least, Weber continues his roller coaster Safehold writing. The early books were great and then number four – A Mighty Fortress – limped in with 900 pages of info dumps, conversations and pseudo history text. I noted at the time that it was the most boring Weber I’d yet read. Then he...
  11. Vertigo

    Cauldron of Ghosts by David Weber and Eric Flint

    Cauldron of Ghosts is without doubt, and by a very large margin, the worst book in the various Honorverse series that it has been my displeasure to have to read. And I do mean 'have to' as my fear was that had I just thrown it away, as was my inclination (unwise as I read on an eReader!), it...
  12. Vertigo

    Shadow of Freedom by David Weber

    Finally this is Weber back on form again. Much of my more recent Weber reading has suffered, in my opinion, from too much of the narrative being presented through discussions between people sitting on their bums; in meetings or over meals etc. To the extent that my last HH book – A Rising...
  13. TitaniumTi

    The Road to Hell

    The third book in the Multiverse series is apparently scheduled for publication in March next year. The first book in the series remains my favourite Weber book and, for eight years, I've been hanging over the cliff at which the second book finished. So...:)
  14. Timba

    Hells' Foundations Quiver

    A new book in the safehold series but they want $14.99 for the kindle book so I will have to wait for the price to drop when it becomes available as a paperback, simply too much for an e-book.
  15. Parson

    Stories in the Honorverse

    In July's "75 Word Challenge" I wrote a story in the Honorverse. I found it fun and enlarged it. I offer it here for your reading pleasure, and hopefully to inspire some other people to write a story in the Honorverse for our combined pleasure. --------------- An Honorable Deception “How...
  16. Timba

    The Sword of the South

    We return to an action Sword and Sorcery fantasy with Bahzell the hradani, Wencit the Rum, Leena and new characters such as Kenhodan, Gwynna and Elryth. I found the story fast paced and engrossing. There is clearly more of the story to tell but the first book was excellent and wetted my...
  17. A

    We Few

    We Few David Weber and John Ringo Baen, Apr 2005, $26.00 ISBN: 074349881X While marooned for eight months (and three books) with the Empress Own marines on Marduk, Roger Ramius Sergei Alexander Chaing MacClintock learns to survive the hard way while watching most of his comrades die. Death...
  18. A

    Out of the Dark-David Weber

    Out of the Dark David Weber Tor, Sep 28 2010, $25.99 ISBN: 9780765324122 Having learned of the existence of hostile humans, The Galactic Hegemony Empire is coming to conquer and colonize Earth. An advanced scouting team witnessed the massacre at Agincourt when King Henry V and his English Army...
  19. A

    How Firm a Foundation-David Weber

    How Firm a Foundation David Weber Tor, Sep 13 2011, $27.99 ISBN: 9780765315052 The leaders of the five year old Charisian Empire has won many battles at sea against the much bigger Church of God Awaiting that declared Emperor Cayleb, Empress Sharleyan and their supporters as heretics. The hero...
  20. A

    A Beautiful Friendship-David Weber

    A Beautiful Friendship David Weber Baen, Oct 4 2011, $18.99 ISBN: 9781451637472 Xeno-veterinarian Richard Harrington, his botanist wife Marjorie and their twelve years old daughter Stephanie move from planet Meyerdahl to Sphinx. The adults are ecstatic with relocating but their tweener...