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Oct 11, 2006
In July's "75 Word Challenge" I wrote a story in the Honorverse. I found it fun and enlarged it. I offer it here for your reading pleasure, and hopefully to inspire some other people to write a story in the Honorverse for our combined pleasure.


An Honorable Deception

“How did I get into this?” thought Captain Honor Harrington; not for the first time. It had only been 2 weeks since she shared her thoughts about the Admiral Hemphill’s Gravity Lance. It had been good fun to see her and her cronies turn a lovely shade of puce. Such fun that a week later Honor had still been grinning.

Unfortunately, one did not make one’s superiors look like a “stilty” dunce without repercussions. On the two week anniversary of her command performance for Hemphill and her syncophants, Honor got the invitation which read: “Admiral Hemphill requests your presence tonight for an evening of Texas Hold’em.” Honor knew that a “request” from an Admiral was merely a polite order, so she arrived prepared for anything. She soon discovered that more than her newly enlarged bank account was in jeopardy.

With a look that could have scoured the paint off a battle cruiser Hemphill stated the ground rules for this little duel. The buy in would be a $5000. Nimitz would not be welcome. And if Honor should lose she would have to “request” that Bu-Ships install a grav lance on her next command.

The night went poorly from the beginning. If they had been playing 5 card stud, Honor would have ditched her hand more times than not. On the other hand, Hemphill seemed to always have an Ace or a King.

As the night neared its close, desperation was knocking. Honor had $2700 left and Hemphill was playing “big stack bully” like a champ. It was time for desperate measures. She looked at her cards, 3 and 7 of clubs. Internally she sighed and thought; “Junk again.” It was time to roll the dice.

The dealer turned a king of spades, a jack of diamonds, and a 5 of clubs. Honor made her play. She took a second look at her cards and bet $500. Hemphill called. A 4 of diamonds was turned. She bet another $700. Hemphill called again. An 8 of spades was turned. Honor slightly raised an eyebrow, “All in.” Hemphill caught the tell: “Fold.” The tide had turned.

Two hours later the Honor left counting her cash and contemplating the advantages of planting false information into enemy hands.
Thanks for the likes DZ and CC, as well as the kind words Vince W. It was a fun thing to write.
Brilliant Chrispy! This is a story line that Weber should follow. The "Cats" have always been one of my favorite parts of the Honorverse. There have been some short stories/novellas (ie Changer of Worlds) that have started down this line but so far as I know there has never been any serious consideration of a "Cat" book. I think I would like that series better than the YA books of Stephanie Harrington.
Well done Chrispy and Parson both! I, like Parson, would love to see more cat focused stories.
Thank you, Reverend, for your appreciation. I wrote that one cold, from memory - it probably requires a bit of editing now I've reread 'Changer of Worlds'. But I have three more segments of this young man's life partially laid out, and will add them here when I get a chance to polish - there are some challenges and things need doing first, and I'm not a fast writer. But they will get here in the fullness of time, promise. I'm actually getting quite attached to him (which happens to a lot of my protagonists, and he's cuddlier, if not more reassuring, than a dragon).

So, expect at least three more, and hope for - somewhat fewer? Is that charity? - ideas for a couple more to coagulate between my ears.
Chris, I seriously look forward to reading more about Twigrunner. I might just work up another story myself by and by.

(Thanks for the honorific. I am not often addressed by Reverend, although it is correct and I'm not opposed to it, but here in the colonies titles mean little. It wasn't until I moved to Iowa that I was regularly addressed as "Pastor" and even here that formality is dying.)
Ah, a new cat, Trevor, or is this Twigrunner's human name? I'm guessing the later. I like the way Trevor is finding his way into human engineering. I think I can also see this classroom becomes Trevor's new village. An interesting story for sure.
Yes, that's twigrunner, thinking of himself in more human terms (to help with the language).

If the Chrons has its own logic, the stories will not arrive in Chronsological order - Those with dialogue from her Grace, the Duchess Harrington, are taking me longer than theones from an inhuman, hexapodal point of view (and carnivorous - fortunately I have practice at getting into the heads of dragons)

But others are coming, maybe when I've done my seventy-five word contribution…
Thanks Chris, I look forward to more. Very enjoyable.
Chris, I am loving these stories more and more. I can't wait to see where you are taking twigrunner. Do you have more? I hope so. The only down side I can see is that I am not becoming motivated to write another of my own. I enjoy reading yours so much.
I would have you know, Reverend Sir, that you started this thread and, as such, are responsible for material that appears on it. But I don't write all that fast, so it would be better if you got a few down (preferably not among Treecats, as I'm sort of establishing a canon, there). And get Timba to join in, rather than standing on the sidelines yelling 'More'.

So, yes, 03's social in the university (working title 'Not nessecelery seduction', I'm afraid) , 06 is being employed on a CLAC, and teamwork rather than individual enterprise, 07's Sliesia, and a loss, 08 is, I think, a press conference - and my ultimate aim is a ship entirely crewed by 'cats. And if I write one that ought to go between two that already exist, I'll just use my superpowers to edit the numbers :).

I'd never attempted fanfic before but Weber has several other writers in the Honorverse, so shouldn't be too upset if he should ever learn of their existence.

But I've not taken the time to go through all the books to spot details, so if I get something wrong, please inform me (what is the surface gravity of sphinx? Higher than Earth, I know. And has the solarian council any non-human voting species?
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Really, really good Chris. You have the flavor of the Honorverse and a good feel for the characters also.

I did not mean to holler more :) but the simple reality is I am a consumer and not a creator so there will not be anything coming from me.
But I've not taken the time to go through all the books to spot details, so if I get something wrong, please inform me (what is the surface gravity of sphinx? Higher than Earth, I know. And has the solarian council any non-human voting species?

Gravity on Sphinx is 1.35 earth normal. As far as I know there are no non-human voting species. On Baslisk Station mentions that humans have never found any advanced alien species (stilties about as advanced as it got) and so I would assume no non-human voting species.
Chrispy, I love the story. Every episode that I read makes me want to read more and to read them in order. I love the outline you have.

This is not the place for critics and I surely am not one to make criticism but it seems to me that you must have left out at least one word here:

The little robots had opening flaps on one side, through which they could be recharged and remote controlled - but invariably seemed to get that side wedged against wall, baffle or ceiling. which meant attaching a line to them and pulling them out, but straight, while nobody had planned ducts with this in mind, and later added additional obstacles to complicate even further all hope of extracting them. Two treecats did not make recuperating the rogues easy, but did render it possible, and many of the jammed

Also I am not sure what "I am not a Mole" means. Is this something that Trevor says or a section heading?

And finally my recollection of LAC is that they only had a crew of 1-3 members. But I'm also not sure where in the Honorverse you are situating this action. If it is after the present position of the story line, then the crew could have expanded.
Sorry about the order, but it was that or wait till they're all ready. Which might be some while.
the Reverend said:
And finally my recollection of LAC is that they only had a crew of 1-3 members.
You might be right, although
Ashes of Victory said:
Harkness gave a deep, grunting laugh, and the rest of the Bad Penny's crew joined in.
suggests a minimum of three. I don't know where I got the idea of five (a game of spades and one on watch?), but I had assigned them:-
1) - Co-pilot, navigator and captain
2) - Pilot, and alternative captain (not 'mate'; at STL speeds, missions take many days. There must always be established chain of command, even if the captain is asleep)
3) - Engineer. Fission pile maintenance, life support (including cooking), drive technician.
4) - First gunner, missile tech, communications officer, electronic warfare (and stealth) specialist
5) - Lord high everything else, ship's doctor, Graser tuner, robot handler.

All cross-trained so any casualty will hardly effect the efficiency of the ship - except when it counts.

But, after Buttercup, the money for improving craft will have dried up, and the whole idea of LACs is to make them as small as possible (unlike planet busting ultra-super dreadnoughts, where the principle is to make them as powerful as possible) so if your estimate of three is right I'll have to reorganise the bunks.

I apologise for the sentence. You're right, Weber wouldn't have. I attempted to transfer the convolution and confusion resulting fron attempting to fit a quart in a pint pot. Cruel. But, with the exception of running on the sentence 'and later', grammatical :D

Trevor does indeed think that - but can't mutter, because sign in a constricted passage would be a danger to him and the ship. Pasqua understands, and bleeks, but this doesn't help much for my quotation marks.

You can so criticise; this is a sort of Secrit Santa, except that it's not all that secret. A special for Parson, now extended as nobody seems to be competing. It'll probably get up to short story length, unless I feel bits need extending, the Sphinx and the carrier separating, but it is specifically for Parson. Now, if anybody else starts correcting…

YES! CLAC 19 (Hydra)LAC 1961 Cutthroat. Lieutenant commander Robert Roden, Helmsman - Mark Paulk, Engineer - PO Bolego, Sensor officer Lieutenant Olivia Cukor, Astrogator - Lieutenant Kerry Gillery, Electronic warfare specialist - Gary Shelton, assistant engineer - Luke Thiele, PO Sam Smith, Executive officer - Kirios Steinbach, tac officer - Lieutenant Joe Buckley. A whole lot more than either of us had thought.

I have to skim - there are too many of the books to check all the details. And my 'Echoes of Honor' doesn't seem to have done the trip back from Switzerland with me.
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Parson blushes. Crispy I don't know what to say that you are writing these for me and are letting me make critical comments. But that's your decision. My decision is to read the stories and express how much I am enjoying them. --- You do know about the Honorverse wiki; don't you? Some of your questions will be answered there without the need for skimming. I should have looked for the LAC crew size up there, but didn't because it was late and I was lazy. But, you are so right that there were many more crew than I imagined. I was thinking the LAC's were fighters, launched from carriers, but now that I think on it, that idea made no sense. In For the Honor of the Queen, the Masadians bring the LACs into Grayson space by towing them in the Warshek bubble created to travel on the gravity waves. If they were as small as I had been thinking that would not have been necessary.
Chris, you seem to have what I think of as the "hint style" and I always enjoy that opportunity for my mind to fill in the things hinted at, great fun! Thanks again.