david weber

  1. Vertigo

    HH series evolution

    I was thinking recently of some of the comments made about the more recent HH books; there's a lot of comments about the books feeling like they are more (or at least significantly) setting a big scene rather than being a complete story. And I wondered whether Weber hasn't painted himself into a...
  2. Vertigo

    Honor Harrington film

    I'm surprised I've not seen much (any?) discussion of this here: David's Essays || David Weber Seems pretty definite though I'm not sure of the timescales. Also metion of graphic novels.
  3. Timba

    Beginnings World of Honor #6 out

    This was a fun read. As the title implies you go back in time in these stories. Sometimes far back in time. Two short stories by Weber himself, one giving some history on Honor's parents and one on her childhood. The other stories are by Charles Gannon (I liked this), Timothy Zahn (I...
  4. the Jester

    Honor Harrington: Does the order matter?

    So I've read the first two Honor Harrington books and really enjoyed them. My local used book store has a bunch of the other ones, but not the third and often not in sequence. My question is, how much does it matter if I read them (somewhat) out of order? I suppose I risk major spoilers; how...
  5. Timba

    Another new book this year

    Just saw this on Baen http://www.baenebooks.com/p-1833-house-of-steel.aspx The short novel sounds good, I am less enthused by the kind of details the BuNine section will provide but still, its Weber and there is a short novel so I will probably buy it. :D
  6. Timba

    Timothy Zahn to enter the Honorverse

    See here for some details. I am psyched about this as I have always enjoyed Zahn's books and really cannot get enough of Manticore, its past, present and future. http://www.facebook.com/#!/TimothyZahn
  7. Timba

    Old Soldiers

    I thought I had read everything Weber had written and then I stumbled on this book set in the Bolo universe Keith Laumer gave us. Fast paced, excellent battle scenes both in space and on the planet. Typical Weber build to climax but with a surprising and gratifying twist at the end. Good...
  8. Timba

    New HH book

    The title is Shadow of Freedom and it is already available as an e-ARC on Baen here http://www.baenebooks.com/p-1741-shadow-of-freedom-earc.aspx for a $15.00 price tag. If you can wait until 03/15/2013 it will be $6.00. Currently engaging myself in debate on the level of my patience. The...
  9. Timba

    Safehold series

    Good news, the next book in this series will be out 09/18/2012. The title is Midst Toil and Tribulation. I am psyched and preordered by e-book today. I really enjoy this series and am looking forward to it. Good thing I just started another good book by Elizabet Moon so the wait will not...
  10. Timba

    Tree cats

    New tree cat story is out in eARC form at Baen books. I am going to wait a bit for the final edited copy and lower price but for those of you who simply cannot wait, dive in, I am sure the reading is fine. :D
  11. Parson

    Safehold Puzzle

    I've puzzled over this for a while. I've read the appropriate passage a couple times but it's logic escapes me. Can anyone of you worthies enlighten me as to this: In "Safehold" during the last scene in space David Weber has the humans play a trick on the aliens. When the aliens attack the...
  12. Parson

    Which is Weber's Best?

    I thought I would celebrate this new sub-forum by posing a question. Which of David Weber's books so far do you like the best? Anyone who knows me, knows which one I think is the worst http://www.sffchronicles.co.uk/forum/530774 Which might actually belong on this sub-forum. For me it is a...
  13. Vertigo

    David Weber/Eric Flint Torch of Freedom

    Help! Somebody please tell me this gets better! I normally enjoy most of Weber's HH books and though this is a co-authored book with Eric Flint and not in the main HH series, I still did not expect to be this disappointed. I also normally enjoy Weber's convoluted politics, though it can...
  14. Coragem

    So, you David Weber fans...

    First, briefly, why doesn't DW have his own sub-forum here. I've seen many threads about his work. He's clearly popular, best selling, and prolific! Anyway, I've only actually (thus far) read the first four Honor H novels, with mixed experiences. Part of me is just very happy to find...
  15. DMZ

    Dahak Series-David Weber

    So when do you guys think the last book in the Dahak Series will ever come out? And this trilogy- by far- is the GREATEST scifi story I have ever read, rivaling Star Wars and even some of the Star Trek tales. He should seriously consider sending off the idea to Spielberg or something...
  16. Vertigo

    Honor Harrington spin-offs

    I have read and enjoyed all the main HH books and two of the Honorverse ones (Crown of Slaves and The Shadow of Saganami, the former co-authored with Eric flint). I still have Storm from the Shadows and Torch of Freedom to read. And then there are the Worlds of Honor books. As I understand it...
  17. Parson

    Flip Flop Genre

    I've just finished an supposedly SF book. It was a first contact book where the contact was distinctly hostile. The book was about earth's resistance to the take over, which while surprisingly fierce (to the alien mind set) was clearly going to be futile, but then the day was saved by (get ready...
  18. Coragem

    David Weber

    Hi guys: A few on this forum recommended that I try some David Weber. I've just read On Basilisk Station, and it's been a mixed experience. ** I enjoyed the character development, and in particular the evolving relationship between Honor and her exec. The book hit a character-based peak...
  19. Werthead

    Warriors by GRRM, Tad Williams, Robin Hobb, David Weber etc

    Warriors is a multiple-author, genre-swapping anthology. The only thing these twenty stories have in common is that a warrior of some kind - a soldier, a mercenary, a religious fanatic, a cowboy, even a serial killer who considers themselves on an important mission - is involved. The stories...
  20. E

    Opinions on David Weber

    I was pootling about the Internet, as I am wont to do, and I discovered the website of Baen Books, an independent operation in the US (or so I gather). It as a sizeable Free Books section, and since I am not over-picky about reading from a screen I thought I would give some a go. The author...