Hells' Foundations Quiver


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Aug 22, 2011
A new book in the safehold series but they want $14.99 for the kindle book so I will have to wait for the price to drop when it becomes available as a paperback, simply too much for an e-book.
Amen! But I wouldn't be too surprised that the paperback is exactly 14.99. So maybe the e book is the way to go.
Amen! But I wouldn't be too surprised that the paperback is exactly 14.99. So maybe the e book is the way to go.

If the paperback comes in at 14.99 I will definitely hit the library :)

I expect 9.99 and that the ebook will drop to that so then I can buy.
I've finished listening to the Hell's Foundation Quiver audiobook. Weber is one of my preferred audiobook authors; his books provide good listening while I'm commuting or doing chores, but it rarely matters if I'm momentarily distracted.

I enjoyed the narration here much more than in some of the Honorverse books and I think the story got less bogged down than some of the earlier Safehold stories. It finished at a good place, too -- with a small cliff-hanger, rather than a frustratingly huge one.
I was able to borrow it from the library. I enjoyed it a great deal. In any world war scenario the cast of thousands gets difficult to follow of course but the scene changes and associated cast of characters were easy to follow for the most part.

My sense of the main story is that it moved ahead quite a bit but I cannot point to anything concrete to really support that.

It is really pretty neat to sit in your living room, search for and checkout a book from the library and be reading it all in less than 5 minutes. An amazing time to be alive.
I think you guys are too easy to please. I finally finished the book. Bit the bullet and paid $9.99 for the ebook. Most of what I read now days are on Kindle Unlimited, where I get as many books as I can read for a month for $9.99 --- Usual number -- 10-12.

Here's the review I posted on Amazon: 3 star rating

I'm Frustrated! This series looks to be never ending. Rather like this book. It was a slog to get through. I love David Weber, I think his Honor Harrington series is the best military SF ever written, and this series started out great, but each book has gotten progressively worse. This one is the worst so far.

What's wrong?
1. There are 100's of pages spent describing things that are of little interest.
2. The main characters of the series are mostly off stage.
3. There is no terrific ending, like the ones Weber is famous for. Instead there's a "Is that all we get?" ending.
4. The series is going no where. Like David, "We get it already. It's time to move to what is by now the obvious conclusion of the series."
5. The main tension of the series, the threat hanging out in outer space is only barely mentioned, and if someone hadn't read the first book or two there would be serious questions about why the main characters are pulling their punches when there is so much more that could be done.

To David Weber: "Please move this series ahead by a couple of thousand years and give us a Safehold Space Navy and let's fight the real villains in this timeline.


The truth is that I barely could finish the book. I very nearly left the ending unread. Judging by how the ending played out, I probably should have. I'll likely give this series one more book and if the war is not ended in that one, I'm done. ---- Unless and until he moves it out to space.
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