DISCUSSION THREAD -- September 2023 -- 75 Word Writing Challenge

Parson shakes his head. Almost a whole day into a challenge and nary a story?! What's wrong here?
I see a couple story ideas through the fog. Do I turn the light on or let them fade in and out of view? (Bump) Ouch! Maybe I should open my eyes...
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Well I see reality has shown through. We now have stories.

@Victoria Silverwolf .... Eumenides .... Victoria helps us to see that Greek Tragedy is the direction the world is headed. (Furies? Indeed!)

@Guttersnipe .... Even the Sighted Are Blind .... The Snipe sees a vicious twist of expectations.

@THX1138 .... Revision .... THX helps us to see that real help is self help.
@BigJ .... Watching All Possible Clocks Strike Midnight .... BigJ sees it all and predictably its not what it seems.

@Ian Fortytwo .... Did that really happen? .... Ian helps us to see that observing is not the same thing as interacting.
@Omniwhere .... Six-Colored Eyes .... Omniwhere gives us the key to seeing different worlds through different eyes.