DISCUSSION THREAD -- September 2020 75-Word Writing Challenge

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Nov 10, 2008
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A bit late, but September's Challenge is now up, courtesy of Bren G SEPTEMBER 2020 75-Word Writing Challenge -- READ FIRST POST!

Theme: Cloud(s)​
Genre: Science Fiction or Fantasy​

As always, the theme is in the eyes of the writer (and voter...) but Bren G's intention is that it should be as open as possible -- "can be any use of the word, imagery, concept, as a noun, verb or whatever" so there you are!

Good luck everyone!
Ah, very cool, Bren G (and thank you for posting this, TJ!). I have something to do, now! :)
Definitely a theme I can get into. :)
Well, how's that?! A brand new Challenge and a brand new member!

Hello and Welcome to the Chrons, GalaxyWolf! If you have any questions about the Challenge, just yell.
What a waste of half an hour. I was trying to open my clipboard history and found that what I thought was Windows 10 was in fact Windows 8.1. And there's nothing I've tried which will allow me to look back on my clipboard history. I'm fairly sure there is one, but no joy.

So off I go to deal with cloud stories.

@Guttersnipe .... "Rainy With a Chance of Sun" .... G. snipe's story reminds me of a cartoon like Lil' Abner where one character always had a cloud following him raining on him. But in this story the moral is from "Orphan Annie" --- "The sun will come out tomorrow."

@Ashleyne .... POTENT HAPPINESS .... Ash's story reminds me of a Garth Brooks song: "Standing Outside the Fire." --- If you want to experience what life's got to offer, you have to get into the game.

@Bren G .... Heads in the Cloud .... Bren story hides a careful trap which snares those who let their imagination get the best of them.
@Capricorn42 .... Cloud Life .... Capi's story reminded me of Michelangelo's famous painting with God touching Adam.

@Cat's Cradle .... Those that Drift .... Cat puts on his Shel Silverstein hat and gives us a whimsical delight.

@AstroZon .... Kapteyn-B .... AstroZon slides on his Robert A. Heinlein hat and adds a chapter to Between Planets.

@Margaret Note Spelling .... Clouds of Witness ....
Margaret does her own take on the Biblical cloud of witnesses.

@Astro Pen .... Passing Touch .... Astro Pen writes a story which reminds me of the Book of Esther. Like God's unmentioned role in Esther. people don't recognize the work that is going on right in front of their nose.

@MikeAnderson .... I Told You That Wand Of Storms Was Priced WAY Too Cheap! .... Mike A must shop at the Crazy Daze Sales because he knows that you get what you pay for.
Guttersnipe reminds us that happiness is a journey, not a destination.

Ashleyne proves that some joys come at too high a price.

Bren G provides an example of one receiving a justly deserved reward.

Capricorn42 demonstrates the importance of direct communication.

Cat's Cradle shows us that emotions are as changeable as the weather.

AstroZon offers a nostalgic look at what the future used to be.

Margaret Note Spelling portrays the following of crime with punishment.

Astro Pen considers those unseen forces that have profound effects.

MikeAnderson knows that quality cannot be obtain cheaply.