DISCUSSION THREAD -- September 2021 -- 75-Word Writing Challenge

Like the theme but first idea opener ended up at 50 words, scratch that and keep for a 300.
Things I've learnt from previous challenges number one: Write it, give it a few days then, after checking with fresh eyes, post it.
Live life on the edge, write it post it, spot horrible mistake on 61 minutes and vow never to do it again.

And repeat.
Damn, missed a comma and one 'and' too many. Note, check your post next time @Luiglin.

Edit: damn, isn't life great here on the edge, livin' it large!
Wow, Victoria Silverwolf! Great story - so much in only 75 words. And that ending! I might have been better off not reading that one before starting my own, *sigh*.

Live life on the edge, write it post it, spot horrible mistake on 61 minutes and vow never to do it again.
As many times as not, I think, I do my final edit within that 60 minute window. Not wise...

If one posts one's story late enough, one can spot one's horrible mistake(s) after a mere minute or two and not be able to do anything about it (as the thread is then locked).
That's Grandmaster sage level that is. That's cosmic entanglement line walking there.
I didn't want to be the one to say it, Peter V, but - yeah. :)

Great writers here, though - let's give it a try!
Feigning fearlessness, I have entered.

I know there's more than one way to skin an apple, so I tried for another interpretation of the theme - a fine choice, btw, mosaix. Not my best ever, but as Peter V notes, October brings new hope. May your muses be powerful, everyone, CC
There's that old phrase, A talent to amuse, but I think this may be a misspelling and it should be, A talent to a muse...

...in which case I think I'm going to have to pay my muse -- should it deign to appear (*I'd start shaking, in desperation, a bag heavy with coins if a talent wasn't so damned heavy*) -- this month.
@Cat's Cradle .... It Which Dies Will Rise .... Now I know who is behind the "Defund the Police" idea. It must be the demons.

@Ian Fortytwo .... I am the law, and I can be broken .... The weight of enforcing the law can be great indeed.

@Betok_Haney .... Culture Shock .... And just when you thought the trouble with Tribbles could get no worse; it does.

@AnRoinnUltra .... The problem with Hyperspace .... When the laws don't apply serious silliness and great lasagna take center stage.

Okay people, sharpen those pencils, poke the muse, and buckle down, it's going to be a hard ride to a win.
Cat's Cradle: One small error can have serious consequences.

Ian Fortytwo: With responsibility comes the possibility of punishment.

Betok_Haney: It can be difficult to meet the expectations of others.

AnRoinnUltra: Distraction is a common cause of disasters.

Bren G: Not even magic can accomplish everything.