Has anybody seen the TV Wednesday on Netflix


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Jun 29, 2014
Yes , from Addams family , Wednesday attends Nevermore academy a place of gifted, unusual and scary students . This place id full macabre meter that needs solve and she the one to do it.:)
I've watched it, hopefully there will be a season 2. There is also a thread here Wednesday (Tim Burton).

In the tv series and films in 90's . the Addams were played for comedy and lacked dimension and relatability . In the series, yeah there are laughs but. they play them seriously. Here the Addams's character have far more depth, dimension family and individual history . These are eccentric people but they're 3 dimensional, complex and relatable people . Wednesday starts of as standoffish, sarcastic and closed and caring about no one and then, all of the being to change as the situation unfolds. This show has such a great cast and Jenna Ortega is terrific in the role of Wednesday . This show deserves a season two and more .:cool:

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