Trying to track down story. Earth tries imperialism. Extraterrestrials clobber them, keep humanity in solar system. See description


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Oct 29, 2021
In this science fiction the Earth plans to invase the galaxy and go on some imperial expedition. Extraterrestrials clobber their attempt and confine humanity to the solar system in a reservation, isolated from the rest of the galaxy, and under suspicion and carefully granted aid consisting of arranged official visits on some planet like pluto or something. An everyman type character, salt of the earth, veteran of the defeated imperial forces manages to get a job on the alien ship delivering aid. He is a good sort. He goes from job to job outside the solar system and redeems humanity's reputation and they get better aid and friendlier treatment.

I need to find out the name of this story. I think it was in the 1930s, 40s, or 50s. Likely 40s or 50s. I need to know it for a discussion. Thanks.
Sorry, this one isn't ringing any bells either, but as with your other thread, I've moved this over to Book Search.
Alan Dean Foster wrote "With Friends Like These..." Earth restricted to the Earth/Moon space. No Earth-agent off doing good...
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