Trying to track down a book series about a time lock?

Richard B

Jul 20, 2010
I read a series of books in the early 70's so must have been written circa 1960 - 1973. I cannot remember the titles or the author. Not by one of the usual authors. I have over a 1500 sci-fi books according to my daughters.:eek:

Key plot bits I remember something about a Key to Time or Time Lock. But not the usual time travel stories. I remember the "Director" of the organisation was morphed into some sort of dinasour creature.

The hero meets up with a girl who had been stuck in a time loop when everything breaks and she had been looping through a dinner party with her mother and another character for "elapsed" years.

Can anybody help me as I would like to read them again.
I'm afraid I don't recognise the book, but I'm moving your thread here, where it is more likely to be noticed by the people who specialise in this.
Agreed, monkeypooper. I've always found your own efforts in Book Search to be inspiring, too; it's one reason I check out this sub-forum, and try to answer search queries now and then (I'm mostly useless at it, but I've successfully answered a few of them, over the years). Keep up the great work, guys! :)