Ideas for Magics Rooted in Negativity

Feb 20, 2021
Basically, I am just trying to find some opinions or ideas for different magical abilities that can be used by characters who represent sins or negative emotions. I've got ideas for most but I need some sort of ideas for characters representing guilt, gluttony, sloth, and pride. I would say every idea is a good idea, whether it be something that may be meant for combat or even outside of combat or if it's something that's strange or freaky. Either way, I just need some thoughts on the matter for these antagonistic characters.


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Jun 29, 2014
Not specifically magic but what about power called Blasto - kinesis . The concept of it is that it is a very destructive version of Telekinesis , instead of moving objects it's obliterates them instead. Blasts a person , places and things to dust. For the user, its use exacts a toll, over time and extended use it can be detrimental to the user.
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Dec 9, 2020
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This reminded me of Full Metal Alchemist. So I must say: be aware of granting your characters with abilities that are too obvious. FMA is almost a perfect manga/anime, its antagonists--based on the seven deadly sins--are the only problem. They're bland. Gluttony eats as much as he wants. Envy envies humanity so he can shapeshift into humans. Sloth is always complaining, etc. Be careful with that. Be creative. Also, if you want to read/watch FMA for study purposes, it won't hurt.

BAYLOR's idea is very good. These skills would grant immediate pleasures to their users, but it would harm their souls and bodies. Pretty much like what sins do.


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Dec 30, 2020
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I'd be inclined to make the person have an ability that increases the sin in others.

Sloth - slowly weaken someone of energy. Imagine a great King who is loved by all, he is active, strong etc. In comes Sloth and he wheedles his way into the court, weakens the King slowly. The King grows tired and fat. Sloth can even remove his effect to make the King seem like he is recovering, only to reapply the weakness later. This way he gains power. The King becomes the embodiment of Sloth to the people but it is not his fault.

If you were looking for a combat version of this, then it could be a short but powerful weakness, like sucking all the energy out of someone as if they had run all day with no food.

Pride could be something similar. Make someone feel like they are better than everyone else but it is only a feeling. Their behaviour causes others to look negatively on them. Then when they are hated, remove the Pride, they realise what a fool they've been. Depression, suicide etc.

Combat version: make someone feel heroic for a few minutes. They actually perform better because they think they can so they foolishly rush into battle thinking they are great only to be cut down.

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Oct 26, 2014
Guilt- Can make a person act on their own worst thought (like being super intoxicated)
Gluttony- Can siphon energy from a person or other source like fire
Sloth- Can control the body of others (not their minds) to get them to do the action they want
Pride- Can make people love them and want to please them