Theories and ideas that I think are real....


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Jul 14, 2005
Over the years some thoughts have consolidated in my head. These expand the story or confirm hunches about the Wizarding world. I thought about searching the forum to insert each of these in the associated threads, but I'm just going to place them all here. Most of these are from online sources, friends, and family. A few are my own... I'll try to say where I got these ideas.

Dumbledore's Spy Network. (Online theory) Harry's first glimpse of Dumbledore is on a Chocolate Frog card. Ron claims to already have a bunch of Dumbledore cards. And then Dumbledore disappears from Harry's card. In the last three books, Dumbledore uses 10-20 of the portraits of past headmasters as his spy network. McGonagall, Harry, Snape, and probably Shacklebolt all know of this... but Dumbledore knows so much information. The theory says that Dumbledore's pictures on cards also report to him... probably directly to Dumbledore's portrait kept in Dumbledore's bedroom. The former headmasters give Dumbledore information on a couple of dozen places in the UK, but thousands of Chocolate Frog cards gives Dumbledore almost unlimited access to the homes in the Wizarding world.... the picture in Harry's card immediately reported Harry was on the train. In the Goblet (I think), after Dumbledore is kicked from the Wizengamot Bill said something like, "He says that he doesn't care... as long as they don't take him off the Chocolate Frog cards!"

Voldemort's Plan for the Longbottoms and Neville's Early Fright and Forgetfulness. (My ideas plus online theory) Eleven year old Neville shows up easily frightened and highly forgetful. Behavioral and physical specialists say that the human brain becomes capable of processing and comprehending as an adult around the age of twelve. This easily explains Neville's behavior. But Neville is still frightened by the thought of Snape at age thirteen. Neville misses Crouch's hints at age fourteen. Finally at age fifteen, Neville begins to connect the dots through the DA, St. Mungo's and the Ministry. At age seventeen, he is the focus of the resistance against Snape and the Carrows and ultimately kills Nagini. So the theory is this.... Voldemort planned to kill both Harry and Neville in order to forstall the prophecy. He just happened to go after Harry first.... and created his nemesis. After his ruin, the Death Eaters continue his plan against the Longbottoms. Rodolphus and Bellatrix torture Frank, Alice.... and a (right around) two year old Neville. The use of the Cruciatus curse upon their toddler and each other breaks Frank and Alice. The Lestranges are caught and the Longbottoms are all brought to St. Mungo's. Frank and Alice are permanently institutionalized, but the healers put Neville into therapy. They use memory charms on Neville's young mind leaving him extemely forgetful. They cannot completely erase the memory leaving Neville as a scarred and scared child. As Neville became an adult and gained more control over his emotions, he became more confident and capable. Knowing that Harry is his arch-enemy, Voldemort never gives a thought to Neville in the series.

The Judement of Paris and the Deathly Hallows. (My friend's four teenage kids) In Greek mythology, Paris judged an argument between Hera, Athena, and Aprhodite about which of them is the most beautiful. The goddesses first tried to rope Zeus into judging, but he was too wise to participate. These three most beautiful of goddesses each promise Paris a gift for their victory. Hera offers Paris Europe and Asia to rule as his own. Athena promises tactical skill in war. Aphrodite proposes to make the most beautiful woman in the world. The Deathly Hallows are these offers.... The Cloak represents the ability to rule and shape things how one wants... The Elder Wand is battle skill... and The Resurrection Stone depicts the ability to recall a loved one. Harry, Hermione, and Ron get into a discussion about which is the best, thus becoming Paris. Harry chooses the stone (Aprhodite, love), Hermione selects the cloak (Hera, super agency), and Ron takes the wand (Athena, fighting prowess). But Dumbledore is Zeus, he knew all about the Hallows but chose not to pursue them. He pushes Harry to not pursue them either... and even though Harry gains all three, he willingly gives up forcible power and illusioned love.

Crookshanks Was Lily's Cat. (Online theory) In Deathly Hallows, Harry finds a thank you letter from Lily to Sirius for Harry's first birthday gift. She mentions how much Harry loves his little hovering broom... going so fast that he almost killed the cat. After the death of James and Lily, what happened to the cat? Hagrid, the greatest animal lover in the story, resuces Harry. If he'd taken the cat as well, he'd have taken it to his hut. But Hagrid was under strict and timely orders. Presumably one of the neighbors took the cat. In Prisoner, Hermione buys Crookshanks (a fully adult cat) from the pet shop... where he'd been there for ages. Everyone can see the value of a cute kitten, bu no one can see the value of an ugly and mean adult tomcat. Hermione as surrogate for Lily (highly intelligent, highly competent, passionate, patient) appeals to both Harry and Crookshanks. Crookshanks never takes an interest in Hedwig, Pigwidgeon, nor Trevor. Crookshanks is completely engrossed with destroying Scabbers/Pettigrew and helping Snuffles/Sirius. Why? He knew who they were. He knew their smells. With the Potters in hiding from Voldemort, Sirius and Peter both visited them in disguise to avoid detection. Wikipedia lists six verfied cats living more than thirty years... so it's easily possible for the Potter's cat to still be alive when Crookshanks was purchased.

Hermione Was Homeless During the Last Three Books. (Online theory) At the opening of the Order, Hermione is already at Grimauld Place and then spends Christmas at Grimauld Place. At the beginning of Prince, Hermione is already at the Burrows. During this Christmas, Hermione is not seen. At the beginning of Hallows, Hermione joins the Order in rescuing Harry.... so she must've been either at the Burrows or Grimauld Place. Sooo, it seems that the only holiday after her fourth year where Hermione's whereabouts are not accounted is the Christmas of Prince. This Christmas had Harry, Lupin and Fleur at the Burrows where Fleur was planning her wedding.... and then Scrimgeour and Percy show up. This was a stressful holiday and Hermione would have just added to it... Ron's relationship to Lavender easily explains Hermione's absence. Why was a fifteen (and sixteen) year old girl allowed to spend all her holidays with two teenage boys? Yes, Hermione's parents knew of her wisdom and morals, but didn't they want to see her more than a few days a year? Any father I know would have said, "Hell no!" The explanation is that Hermione erased her parents memories right after Cedric's death and sent them to Australia before the Death Eaters became aware of her unshakeable loyalty to Dumbledore and Harry. Being homeless for two years would allow her to be available to assist the Order and Harry. It would allow her to practice her camping skills and scout out the best hidden spots. In the books, we are to assume that Hermione sent her parents during the summer before the Hallows... but the Death Eaters had alaready broken out of Azkaban, Dumbledore was dead, and Voldemort's schemes were moving toward fruition. Hermione saw this coming and knew by that time she'd be under surveillance so she got a head start because of her loving and prepared nature.

Arthur Weasley is Laocoon. (My nephew) In the Iliad, Laocoon (a Trojan priest) warns the Trojans of the danger of the wooden horse. Athena or Poseidon then sent a giant serpent/serpents to kill Laocoon and his sons. Laocoon and his sons died for the truth, trying to save their people from conquest. Though not in the Order during the first attacks of Voldemort, the Weasleys were totally commited the second time... to Molly's great distress. Arthur was attacked by a giant serpent.... barely escaping death. His son Percy is sundered from the family for a time... backing a regime that denys the existence of active serpents. Bill is savagely attacked and deformed. George loses an ear fighting the Death Eaters. Ron is wounded and under constant threat of death. Fred dies fighting against the serpent sigil of Voldemort.

These concepts have basically become fact for me. There are other ideas which I like, but are not quite facts in my mind. And then there are theories that make sense yet would destroy the story if they are true.